Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend in review

Had a great weekend! My weekend unofficially began on Wednesday when I got to hang with my girlie Amie for most of the day and then her hubby fed me and we watched Transformers. (that caused me to constantly add ROLL OUT to the end of everything I said all week/end long, which made my husband smile uncontrollably)

Thursday I had my scary fertility appointment. After the 3.5 hours of questions, lectures, poking and prodding I was freaked out and Amie came to my rescue again so I went and hung out Thursday night with her and the boys. Then she got me to take off with her to volleyball (I didn't play but did have fun watching).

Friday I went off to work. Then after that grueling 10 hour day my friend Jen, who had come up from Tuscon with her hubby Pat, came over and we ran off to Rae Lynn's house for a fun filled scrappy night. Turns out that Jen had gone to high school with Rae Lynn! Such a small world!!!!! I was able to get my recipe swap pages done. I'll post those after they have been turned in officially for the swap. Then I got one page done in my wedding saga. I'll post that soon too.

Saturday I got to just hang out with Jen. We played on the computer, made a yummy breakfast, watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, played on the computer some more, made a extra yummy lasagna, watched 1408 (good, but boy did it make me jump!), then she got her birthday presents from me (ohhhhh I can't wait to bring in another addict hahahahahaha). Great day!

Sunday was church...ahhhhhhh. We had two amazing talks and 1 great choir song. DJ has been in the choir for 2 months now and I just love to see him so excited to sing every Sunday at practice. He comes home so excited and for the next week I hear him humming the songs day and night, so cute. I'm so thankful for Joanna and her amazing love of music that she so freely shares with anyone who just gives her a minute. So people go join a choir and share the love of music with the world, it'll help your outlook on life more then you'd have thought it could. And hug a choir leader while you're at it, with their permission of course. Then that night we went over to Summer's house for Temple prep class. I just love this woman and her family so much. The spirit we feel in that house is actually addicting. I just love how much dedication they all put into their callings and we get to be the recipients of so much of that wonderful work, of which we will gladly take as long as possible!

Then Sunday night I come home to find that Pat had left me a little treatie on my computer.......

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! Free goodies!!!!!!!! Now I have to learn the program so I can rock my photos, even though I can't seem to give away my services..........sigh..................oh well I'm gonna try to be positive that one day I will again get to be a photographer. Anyone have any good books on Photoshop so I can teach myself some new tricks?????

I have also decided that I need to develop some new talents so that I don't get so discouraged all the time when I can't use my other talents and end up feeling creatively defunct. I'm thinking of learning the piano. I played for one year around 9 years old and then my mom couldn't afford the lessons anymore and we didn't have a piano at home so I had no way to keep it up :-( So I need to get my hands on either a keyboard or piano so I can start learning something new! If anyone hears or sees one of those for sale (second hand & cheap) drop a line and hep a sista out!

Also I need some more of your suggestions for the cooking section. Amie has requested Jambalaya and that will take place this weekend, yummmmmmmm. What else would you like to learn how to make or bake? Both DJ and I have worked in restaurants and between the two of us we have some cooking skills to rock, let us teach you to wow your family for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amie said...

Great update, Sistah Christian! "With their permission of course" ROFLMBO! Pioneer Woman (or P-Dub a she has nicknamed herself) has had several photoshop mentionings, and said that she too was completely intimidated when she first started. You probably remember those posts. Do a search on her site for Photoshop and you'll find half a dozen different references. Good luck and congrats!

Kendra said...

If you Google "free Photoshop Tutorial" you'll find tons of step by step instructions. I know a good piano teacher and she is VERY reasonable with her prices. Let me know if you are interested & I'll get you her name & number. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a piano. You're welcome to come over and practice on mine. Also, I know you can order a full size keyboard from Church Distribution at a very reasonable price. Hope this helps!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

That is so cool that you have a great week filled with friends and fun! That is a bummer that I missed you and Amie at volleyball on Thursday! I will be there this week if your going to go again! Hang in there on your photography talent! Maybe you should put a small add in the SUprise Today or something! I would totally take you up on your photography offer but right now with me out of work and my sister-in-law's wedding next week, as well as replacing three tires on our cars I am totally tapped out on money right now! So I will have to wait till Dec or Jan. I have a big keyboard if you would like to use it. If I remember correctly it will play in Piano mode. Just let me know. Your friend got you an awesome birthdya gift!!! I have PS7 and I am still also trying to figure it out. I love your recipes so keep them coming! I have been writing them all down! Hope to see you soon!!!!

Toni said...

Hi Christine. Sounds like you had a good weekend. My weekend was awesome but I missed you all too! I thought about you a DJ when we were in front of the castle. I told Brent your proposal story while we were standing there :) I think that is a popular proposal site. I totally want to use your photography talent. I just need to save a little money first(Disney drained the fun money). I really need a current family picture regardless of my size :)