Saturday, October 27, 2007


I finally had the opportunity to get out my camera and free flow some creative juices. My photography style is definitely different from some of the photogs out there, but I feel like I do some decent work. My focus is more on the faces and capturing the people then about artistic liberties, so the photos tend to feel more traditional. I hope you hop over to my little photoblog and check out today's session with this little lady and her family.


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

She definitely is a little cutie!! I love your photos and I like your Traditional style as you call it. Are you available in November? Let me know as I would love for you to take our photos and also if you want to take our extended family pictures sometime! You have some awesome talent, don't get discouraged!

Meg Meggie Meggers said...

I'm stoked that you're putting your photo sessions up here!!

But on a side note, do you know how to change the time that posts for my blog? For example it should say 12pm but it says 5pm...that puts me somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. I know I love the water, but that's a bit extreme. I'm not a mermaid people.