Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Thumbs Up!

DJ and I just watched this last night after waiting for it to come in from the Library for over 4 months! I must say we both really enjoyed the movie. So I thought that I would write up my own movie review for ya'll. (After all I don't want anyone to have to organize a Bedward support group for fear that is all I think about. I'll have you know it only occupies 89.7% of my daily mind wanders. Acceptance is the first step right?).

The plot
Hoodwinked is a spin on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The film starts with the classic scene where Red meets the wolf at her granny's house. Chaos ensues with the introduction of additional familiar characters; granny and the woodsman. After that the police are called to the scene of the crime and a CSI style interrogation takes place after all four are arrested. They are suspected of stealing goody recipes and each tell their own version of what happened that day to try and revel the true identity of the 'goody bandit'.
Best bits
There are a lot of funny one-liners that'll make you laugh and it's good fun to try and work out who the goody bandit is while you're watching the film. The story is clever and original. It’s got just the right recipe for kids to love it, while the spoofs and throwbacks to other moves and TV shows will keep the adults entertained.
Favorite characters
The Singing Goat - although he's only in it for a short while, every second is brilliant.
Twitchy – almost as funny as Hammy from over the hedge.
The Big Bad Wolf – by far has the best lines in the movie. And how can you not love hearing the voice of Putty from Seinfeld for a an hour and a half?
Any weak bits?
The animation isn't great - it's very low budget and looks a bit like a cartoon you'd usually see on Nickelodeon, not like Madagascar or Finding Nemo. But the quality of the story and script more than make up for it.

Anne Hathaway provides the voice for Red, Glenn Close is Granny, James Belushi voices the Woodsman & Patrick Warburton stars as the Big Bad Wolf.
Overall a fun film for all the family. I hope you treat your family to this wholesome good time:-)


Toni said...

My kids loved this movie. They thought the squirrel(or what ever he was) with the "dyn-a-mit-e" was hilarious.

Amie said...

ahhh....gonna have to check that one out!

Natalie said...

We were wanting to see this, but it fell into the pile of "movies we haven't bothered to go see because we're parents and we have no time". Glad you liked this! Maybe we'll have to put in our request to the library too. :) I love Patrick Warburton. My favorite movie is The Emperor's New Groove because Cronk slays me! Too funny! :D

Jaime said...

I took the girls to see this for the "free summer movies" that harkins has every summer, it was a cute one!