Monday, October 15, 2007

My picks for the casting of Twilight

After some very serious conversations with friends I have decided to share my picks for the casting of Twilight. Though I'm sure Hollywood will destroy my favorite day dream with their rendition I am pleased to find out that it will be rated PG-13 and they plan to cast the same actors for all 4 movies. So if they are gonna do this right they'll have to film a la Lord of the Rings, all at the same time or they will all age too much.
Well enjoy this glimpse into my minds eye.

Edward = Pawel Szajda

Bella = Alexis Bledel
Jacob = Nathaniel Arcand

Alice = Racheal Liegh Cook

Carlise = Charlie Hunnan

Esme = Emily Deschanel

Emmett = Daniel Cudmore

Charlie = John C. Reily


Natalie said...

My only hang up is Rachel Leigh Cook. She's 28... She can't be Alice! Plus, she's just annoying. :) I'd pick Emily Browning - if that's her name. The Lemony Snicket chick. SM had her picked for Bella on the website. Otherwise great choices. The Carlisle is awesome... very intimidatingly gorgeous. :)

Amie said...

LOL, you are too cute. I actually think Rachel Leigh Cook is perfect--she totally could pass for 18ish. I concur with most of the rest of your choices...Bella's gonna be a tough one. =)

Taylor & Jaime said...

If Stephenie Meyer only knew what an obessesion she has caused among us women!!! I can't take the suspense anymore...I NEED to see the movie!

Patriot said...

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Thank you!

The Gardner Fam! said...

LOve your picks!! :o) I'd have to agree on all of them! I'm not a huge actor/actress buff but the ones you chose fit the part!

It totally gets me giddy thinking about watching a movie based on the books. I'm just afraid they'll leave out some of my favorite parts!

Meg Meggie Meggers said...

As far as personality is concerned, you've got Bella just right. Your choice of Edward has the perfect look, but might be too sweet (he needs a touch of evil), I don't know...I've only seen him in one movie.

XxRocker_LucyxX said...

I don't really like your Edward choice, sorry. I think Henry Cavill was good, but sux he's too old for the part. I like Alice and I think that Emily Browning looks..too perfect to be Bella. Se has to look ordinary, at least that's what I think. Damn, I wonder who they'll pick for the cast..

XxRocker_LucyxX said...

I also don't really like your Bella choice. I like Alexis, but..I think they need to find someone more ordinary-looking.

Anonymous said...

i don't really like any of the characters u chose-sorry!jacob is native american,but the guy you chose looks asian,and carlisle looks too young.esme is supposed to look pretty and motherly,but the lady just looks too gorgeous and young,like in her 20s or something.sadly,the edward you chose is horrible-he doesn't look like a vampire at all!!! the bella is too pretty also-but trust me everyone had a hard time choosing who they think they should be the cast!