Monday, October 29, 2007

Ghosties, Goblins & Birthdays oh my

We had a fun filled weekend for sure. Friday night was the ward trunk or treat and being that DJ and I both serve on the committee it was a busy little night. I had purchased all the goodies to set up a little photo corner for some fun family photo's. However, when I got all my equipment together I found out that my professional flash was not reading through the sync cord, rats! I hemmed and hawed, shed some tears (I had had a seriously horrible week that involved many tears, two minor breakdowns, one major breakdown and the first temptation to seriously just run away from it all in a couple of years) put my face into a pillow and screamed then got in the car for the fun filled night. We set everything up and I just made due with a low light lens and my on board flash. We had quite the stream of little ones, scary ones, goofy ones and even some famous ones come through that night. Here are a few of the ones I caught on film:

And this is how I know my hubby lurves me. He let me dress him up as Edward, blond hair, sparkles and all. I had such a fun time putting together all the little parts of the costume. I got the shirt online, found the stuffed dog on sale, read on the first day of Edward takes Bella to school he wears a nice grey sweater and DJ even drove the Stang (1964 blue hunk of Ford Mustang), since according to him a Saturn Ion would never have worked for the Cullen kid. We look nothing like them but it was really fun. And DJ was much more agreeable to this get up (don't let him fool you he loves the books and is on New Moon now) then my other suggestion - Peter Pan and Wendy. I really wanted to do that one, I was even gonna bring the dog with a bonnet on. Oh well there is always next year right?

Saturday I got up early (like 6am early) and went to my photo shoot. Raced home from that good time to get ready for the Snow girls birthday party. I went over to help Christy and then take photos of all the kids for the picture frames they were going to make. 17 kids in one house! Oy! We had a great time though and all the kids loved getting to take a picture. Cracked me up, every girl asked to see theirs and the boys were outta there faster then I could even check to make sure their eyes were open. Christy had found this super cool business, VanGo Pottery, that comes out to your event with tons of ceramic goods and a plethora of paint. She set everything up, let the kids pick from over 20 different types of ceramics and then lets them all go to town painting away. After everyone is all done she collects the goods and takes then back to her shop where they get fired off in the oven and cured. Then in a week the kids get them back. All that for only 15$ a head! The kids had such a great time and it was so much fun to watch them get so creative with it all.

Saturday night I went over to my mom's house and made a step by step guide for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, which will be posted tomorrow. Yummer - good eats!
Sunday we went from an awesome Sacrament meeting to a great Sunday School lesson to an emotional Relief Society Lesson. Then DJ ran off to choir, I ran off to the Pressley's and the Haught's joined in about the time DJ came over. We got to share the meal with Elder Holley and his current companion, always fun to feed missionaries, oh the stories they share. Then the boys all ran off to the Priesthood meeting and Jamie, Summer and I got to hang around and have a little girl time. Then on my way home I got a call from an old friend I haven't spoke to since June. She is in love and told me all about him. Looks like I'm going to Utah to take some wedding photos here soon. Yipie I just love new love :-) It was a great night. I sure needed it after that crazy week. So I am all relaxed feeling like I can take on the week ahead (puts out her hand and beckons said week to bring it) when I show up to work and find out that I may be able to apply a job with a city here in AZ - whhhaaat?????? Almost get into a major car accident on the way home and at 7pm my garbage disposal freaks out and stops working. Oh golly it's gotta be a Monday!


Toni said...

Oh Christine... you should have called me last week. I have big shoulders to cry on. I love the pictures you took at T or T. Can I have a copy of the one of my kids?
I hope you have a better week and I'll see ya on Friday. Oh didya get your garbage disposal to work cuz I may know how to fix it?

Amie said...

Dang girl, you have been busy! I can't wait for that jumbalaya recipe! So are you applying for this new job? I love the pic of DJ and the sparkles. =)

Jaime said...

Great pic of my sweet girls! You are so awesome!! I loved our girl talk time, we all need that once in a while. Tell me more about the job...