Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm sorry, did you just say surgery?

So we went to Caden's cardiology appointment this morning at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. My pediatrician had told us that is sounded like an innocent murmur so we were not worried about the appointment at all. We get taken into the room and they take his blood pressure in both arms and legs; I should have caught on when the tech kept trying to get the pressure in his legs. She hooked him up and did the ECK then went to get the doctor who came back in and completed the exam by listening to his heart and checking the pulse in his arms and legs.
Next he tells us that the murmur doesn't sound normal and the pressure in his legs is significantly diminished compared to his arms and he wants to do an ultrasound of Caden's heart. We get ushered to the next room and they do an ultrasound that takes 30 minutes and is extra nerve wracking because the doc is present and talking to the ultrasound tech in their own language with lots of "oh ya I see that too, go back again...yep I was afraid of that....."
Next back to the exam room to wait. The doc comes back in and tells us that Caden's ultrasound looks good except that he can't see the one part of the heart he really needed to see because what he suspects is that he has a narrowing of the aorta. He then shows us a diagram of the heart and where the narrowing most likely is and why he couldn't see it on the ultrasound. Next he tells us that we need another ultrasound in 2-3 weeks to see that part of the heart to determine is he does in fact have that narrowing. Then we can discuss the options which are only surgery given his age.
So my day started with a quick trip to the doc for a routine "just check it to be sure" appointment and quickly had my head spinning. March 9th we go back for the second ultrasound and hopefully they can see the full heart and it's normal, which is great but then leaves me wondering why he has such low blood pressure in his legs? Until then we are praying like crazy, Caden's getting a blessing and we are going to fast.

Also I have a question for all the mommies who read this post. Caden started fighting his bottles 2 weeks ago and we can't figure out why. He is on Prevcid for reflux. We have tried different bottles and different sizes of nipples. We've tried different positions, tv on, tv off, walking, bouncing, rocking and nothing helps. He'll take the bottle get about a 1/4 ounce down and the kick out the nipple and scream. We take the bottle out and he starts rooting while screaming. The feeding will take an hour and we're lucky if he gets 2 ounces down where before he was taking 4 ounces. He eventually passes out and I'm in tears. Does anyone have any suggestions or is this just a phase? I need a light at the end of this tunnel!

Here's some new photos DJ took this weekend of me and the little man.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh my heck....................and a prayer request

This is absolute perfection!

So cute.
But these are my favorites! Woo Hoo for good light and a not screaming baby. I can't wait to scrap book these.
Also I'm throwing this out there for a prayer request. DJ applied for a permanent position with the County. This would increase his pay a little bit, give him benefits and paid holidays (so he wouldn't have to take so many days with out pay) We really need this because the City of Surprise started doing layoffs last week eliminating 32 people. This is really bad news because they were just sure that no lay offs would happen this fiscal year and we're only half way through the year. So I'm not really sure how much longer I will have a job. I didn't have the scary pit of the stomach feeling before but it's there now, even after I pray. I know we'd be in a world of hurt since I'm the breadwinner but what really scares me is the lack of health insurance given my medical situation. We'd be in a truly scary place without benefits. So should anyone want to throw a prayer out there for us I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks!