Friday, October 5, 2007

Coyotes Opener

I went to my first hockey game ever last night and hold onto your seats people I have a new addiction. My former boss before he moved to our Tempe office last week had set up a night where we were able to go to the 'Yotes opening game against the St.Louis Blues for only 20$ a seat. So a bunch of us met up in the heavenly cold arena, gratefully gathered up our opening night goodies (a jersey and a hat) and cozied up next to each other and cheered on our boys in red. I had so much stinking fun I wish we were season tickets holders. I have no idea about the rule of play but I obviously knew that the goal was the main focus of the game and that there would be fights. Wow are hockey fan intense! The energy at that arena was so much stronger then my original (and still reining) sports addiction, football (woo hoo nothing like the crunching and snarling of that adrenalin inducing barbaric testosterone fest, and I LOVE it). After years spent on the sidelines of high school and college football games photographing the games I became so addicted to the tension of the players and the infectious energy I have had a hard time replacing that feeling. And while I still really enjoy going to football games I just don't get that wicked high while sitting in the stands. But last night the energy of that stadium rocked! And even better we won!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't bring my camera because I didn't know how tight security was and I'm kicking myself now cause there could have been some great shots of everyone. I did take out the camera phone and snap a couple of photos. And to illustrate how small the world can be we just barely sit down and I comment to DJ how crazy it would be if we ran into our good friends the Pond's since there are season ticket holders and love going to the games. No sooner do I finish saying that I look to the right and see Rob Callie and their beautiful little 4 month old Maddie girl. Of all the seats in the arena we end up across a aisle, lol small world. Oh good times, good times. I totally need to learn the game so I can justify the next game as a lesson right?


Amie said...

I'm glad you had fun! Hockey Rocks!!

Jaime said...

I wish we could've went with you guys, looks like you had a blast!