Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is 2007 over yet?

Holy cow this year needs to end and fast!!!!! I'm not going to be able to keep up with 2008 if it keeps up at this rate.

In the past three days I have:
Finished my HR training
Leaned how to track the court files in our computer system
Been questioned by federal agents
Almost been hit in my car 4 times
Been to a wedding
Been to a party
Only seen my husband for a total of 3 hours (not each day - actually that's it since Monday
only 3 hours, so sad)
Edited Santa photos
Tried to clean my house
Arrange the entire Christmas Eve dinner
Paid the bills
Baked a ton of stuff to give out
Spoke with a very close friend who I lost contact with 3 years ago - Love ya Abby
Not been home before 10:30pm Mon, Tues, & Wed (tonight was a huge improvement getting here at 7:45pm)
Had one asthma attack
Grocery shopped
Went to the post office
Went to the Doctor's
Went to Walmart
Oh and worked 32 hours too.

So ready for a slow down on Saturday. Oy! And people tell me that since I don't have kids I should have no problems getting everything done, and why don't I call more, and why don't I write more email??????? Because I'm curled up in the fetal position by Friday night praying for a night where I get to sleep before midnight that's why! And then I freak out, then I calm down thinking of all the wonderful service I had the opportunity to be a part of and the visits and the meals and all the lives I was blessed to share in that week and I feel so much better. Then I freak again when I think about how I'm going to complete all this and have a baby. Then I simply pass out.
That said have a good week! I'm gonna be a little sporadic with my posts for the rest of the year as I have a lot to do and many commitments (as I'm sure you all do too) so please forgive me.

Oh and here's a photo of the beautiful Bride and Groom!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Time for a quick wrap up. Sorry it's been so long since I posted, but things have been crazy!

Wednesday = Truffles

I went over to my friend Jamie's house and we made truffles all morning. Yummmmm I literally smelled like chocolate all night long, DJ was in heaven. I had a great time and am so glad to have a baking buddy - Thanks Jamie :-)
And thank you to her beautiful daughter Ashley for being such a great quality control tester. I can assure you there was no bad chocolate in the house, Ashley made sure of that :-)
Thursday = Last day with the IRS & VT Conference

I drove into Phoenix for the last time on Thursday morning,. I can't say that I'm gonna miss that drive at all. I cleared out the rest of my stuff and went packing about 11am. Woo Hoo, I was already feeling so relaxed by then it was unreal. I got to talk with a couple of people that I'm really gonna miss (sniff, sniff: hi Dave and Grace) so that was really nice. But you couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I sauntered outta there!
Then that night I went to our VT conference, which was a progressive dinner. It was a ton of fun to get to see the beautiful decorations and hear the wonderful messages and musical numbers through out the night. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with some of the sisters I don't always see every Sunday. We had Mexican themed food with the pot luck main course of enchiladas - yummers! I left with a greater desire to be a diligent visiting teacher for sure - great job kudos go out to the ladies who put the conference on - it was beautiful.

Friday = Scrapping good time and old friend.

I took my last sick day on Friday so I decided to go over to Amie's house with Toni and do a little scrapping. I t was a great time even if I didn't manage to complete more then 3 lay outs. Oh well the juices jut weren't flowing, but I do like what I created so everything worked out for the best in the end. Here are two of the LO's, the third hasn't been photographed yet - sorry.

Then that night a good friend, Jessa, who I met when she taught me the missionary discussions flew into town. She was down for a wedding and we got to hang out that night and all of Saturday. I just love this girl. She can make me laugh right out loud and feel so loved. I wish she lived closer so we could hang and scrapbook together. Jessa you better plan on coming down for one of our retreats girl!

Saturday = Errands and a party

I ran around in the morning with Jessa doing some errands and then we went for a nice drive up to lake Pleasant, across the Carefree Hwy into Wickenberg and back to the house. We thought it would be nice in the Mustang she was upgraded to by the wonderful people after finding out she was an RM :-) We had a great talk and the scenery was beautiful.
Then I came home and got ready for Heather and Dave's Christmas party. Oh my goodness I had so much fun durning the white elephant gift exchange. All I can say is holy naked mannequin batman what a great group of people that was; thanks for the invite you guys!

Sunday = church and family time

We went to Sacrament with my mom at 8am and got to see a bunch of wonderful friends! I so miss my Catus Lane buddies something fierce, so many sincerely wonderful people that just make me smile - no drama and all love - ahhhhhhh.
Then we ran over to our ward. DJ sang in the choir - it was beautiful. Amie and Heather played a duet of What Child is This with the piano and violin - so wonderful, the Spirit was unreal in that room. Then there was a great lesson by Brother Jay - he is every bit as amazing as Brother Moss I can't wait to get to that class every Sunday.
Then Relief Society. I loved the lesson, but RS has been making me sad lately. I have never been one to let people in to truly know me and when I joined this ward I felt so loved and so safe that I let some people really know me. I'm wishing I hadn't now, and that's making me sad. You know how you make friends and you think they really like you and that makes you happy then you start to notice things then they start to do things then you are wondering if you were ever really their friend or if you were just the flavor of the month? Yea that kinda sucks, but oh well I put myself out there and I have come away with some amazing girls in my life now so the little bit of hurt I guess is worth it for the girlfriends I have now - love ya!
After church I went to my mama's house for girlie time. We hung out, talked, made some amazing sausage and mushroom soup (so good I am still full), played around on the computer, then gave into temptation and watched the Survivor finale. I was right about who would win - in my opinion it was just a bad final four I didn't like any of them. Oh why James, oh why didn't you play the idol when you could have?

Monday = 1st day of the new job.

Wow the City of Surprise really knows how to treat their employees! We had goody bags stuffed with great supplies and tons of instruction (I don't feel lost at all - that's a big change from the Fed) and pizza and I really feel good about my decision. The growth in this city is amazing and what is coming will blow your socks off for sure. The city has grown so much and the current plans take the city right up to the edge of Wickenburg. The city has grown from 150 employees 7 years ago to 700+ today (full time). The businesses coming in are big and bringing with them a great working opportunity to ensure we won't be a bedroom community in the very near future. I was drooling over the mall plans alone :-)
I spent the second half of the day at the new office with my new co-workers. I really like them all and just know I will fit right in (already got my first task done and reorganized the files for pending cases woo hoo), except for the scorpion problem - yuck. The building is brand new - like 3 months old - in the middle of a bunch of desert land and they are building right next to us so the critters come into our area. Yikes - I don't do bugs! There are also some really big very hairy spiders and some mice. Amie and Toni I'm thinking we'll be able to camp soon cause I'm gonna have to get over my fear of the bugs real quick - or learn to levitate.

Now I'm gonna curl up with my HR paperwork and pick out my health plan. Good night all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tag I'm it

I got Tagged by Amie so here it goes. Thanks girl - I love these!!!!!!!

A- Attached or single: Attached

B- Best Friends: DJ, Amie, Toni, Jamie, Summer, Natalie, Luke, Meggers, Jen, Way to many to list...I'm feeling very loved these days

C- Cake or Pie: Pie all the way. Love to bake cake, don't really care for it.

D- Day of choice: Saturday

E- Essential Item: Music. Must have music around at all times :-)

F- Favorite Color: eggplant

G- Gummi Bears or Worms: worms, yummmmers

H- Hometown: Concord, CA.

I- Indulgence(s): chips and salsa.

J- January or July: Um since the coolest person in the world was born in January that's what I'm going with!

K- Kids: none :-(

L- Life is Incomplete Without: my husband.

M- Marriage Date: June 2nd 2001.

N- Number of Siblings: none

O- Oranges or Apples: sweet oranges, yummmmers, sliced with a little powered sugar sprinkled on them - dang it now I have a craving!

P- Phobias or Fears: the dark, spiders and bees (and being slaughtered in my sleep - yes I'm aware I need therapy).

Q- Quotes: "When life gets tough, lay on your back and put your feet in the air; sometimes the world just looks better upside down."
"Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it got him a couple of great dinners along the way."
"When I stand before God and the end of my life I hope I can say that I have nothing left, for I have used all the talent He gave me."

R- Reason To Smile: RAIN, and only 1 more commute!!!!!!!!!

S- Season: Fall when there is a true fall with changing leaves and lots of pumpkins and the color orange is everywhere (yes Amie I said orange everywhere- teehee). However, here in AZ since there is no fall it's winter.

T- Tag Three: Shelly, Meggers & Jamie

U- Unknown Fact About Me: I have bottle feed a tiger and a baby elephant.

W- Worst Habit: Not doing the laundry until the last minute.

X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Both and the numbers go into the double digits so I've lost track.

Y- Your Favorite Food: Changes with the season. Right now my homemade mac n' cheese and my chicken and sausage jambalaya.

Z- Zodiac: Aquarius.

Monday, December 10, 2007


*Sappy alert - since I use this blog as a bit of a journal too be forewarned this post is a bit sappy.*

When we were dating DJ bought me this precious poem on a decorative hanger. It has hung in everyplace we have called home. I haven't taken the opportunity to re-read it often, but when I pass it I smile remembering the cold snowy day he bought it for me. Tonight while I was in my office missing him I looked up and took a moment to re-read it and the words struck me in a deeper way then they had before, especially since my definition of Eternity has changed over the past year. The words are so simplistic, but it really reminds me of how he has always been able to remain in the moment of our love instead of trying to plan tomorrow like I always try to. Through all of our trials from zeroing our checking account each month to infertility he always remains right there in the moment to keep me grounded and feeling safe. I'm so blessed. He may not be a rich man, but I could never find another in the entire universe who could love me as deeply as he does; and I'll take that over any worldly offering any day.


My thoughts are always of you
And I wish I knew a way
To tell you of my love for you
In the words that lovers say.

Our lives are yet before us
And just knowing that you care
Makes each say a little brighter
For we have so much to share.

Our love is so much deeper
Than what the world can see
It's just between the two of us
Partly you and partly me.

I know through all Eternity
Whenever trumpets sound
That mighty book is opened
And there our names are found.

And on those timeless pages
Live the memories of those years
Of our love that lives forever
Signed with happy tears.

I shall treasure each tomorrow
That I may share with you,
For I know through all Eternity
That I will be there too.
-Clayton Hobart Fox

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crazy Day!

Saturday was going to be a calm day with some Christmas lights and a little light shopping for groceries then out to Mesa to see the Temple lights. Well you know what they say about plans and how they seem to go haywire once you say them out loud - it's all true.

DJ ran over to my grandparents to put up their Christmas lights for them in the morning, and when he returned home we were going to run to Recollections. With the job change I'm getting the vacation time I had accumulated paid out to me in cash so this year we actually get to buy each other Christmas gifts. We decided to buy things for each other that were needed in the sense that we would most likely buy them throughout the year anyways. So DJ was taking me to the scrappy store to run through like a little kid and put everything I really wanted in the basket then I had to go outside while he choose what to get me - super fun.

Well on the way there he got a call from his boss telling him to pick a day off this week and it can't be a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. He also told him that he wouldn't be getting Sunday's off for a couple weeks, and it looks like he's working New Years Day. So we looked at each other and realized this was the last day we had to run around and get stuff done until January and after tomorrow we wouldn't see each other until Christmas Day (since I no longer get my Wednesdays off) - bummer! So we ran to a ton of places, then to three different grocery stores for different sale items, then home to put up Christmas lights, then to clean for Sunday night's dinner with Elder Holly who was going home on the 21st. By the time we sat down it was 10pm - no Temple lights for us. Double bummer. When do the lights end? Maybe we can luck out and he can get one night before they turn them off.

I'm sure gonna miss him in these next few weeks. He's mostly bummed about missing the choir performance next week that he's been practicing for over the last couple weeks (pouted like a little kid to be honest) and the fact that he's gonna not get to see his Brother or Sister-in-law while they are here except at Christmas Dinner. We had been hoping to get to spend the Sunday right before Christmas with them since we only see each other once a year - triple bummer. Oh well what are you gonna do right? At least we found out this was going to be the last weekend when we did otherwise I would have not known and would have ended up doing all that running around by myself, which could have resulted in a tragic situation as I don't handle crowds well, lol. However, I do foresee much crafting being done as I will be alone a lot. Oh the paper and stickles they will be a flowing!!!!!!!

Any-whoodle I did remember to grab my camera when the lights went up on the house, yay!

First here's our tree. Ohh Ahh - pretty tree.

The annual checking of the lights.
Then my stretchy husband trying to put the lights up with as few repositionings of the ladder as possible. He's very good at his job.

Me keeping the lights from getting tangled up and enjoying the hot cocoa. I'm very good at my job too.

We came around the corner to find we had an audience.

Roxie talked us into letting her come out and help.

Then it came time to flip the switch, and woo hoo they all lit up! So pretty and colorful.

My hubby did such a good job. I just love him so much and am so thankful that he works so hard for me and our tiny family. And he's kinda cute too :-)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Drum roll please

Well this morning when I convinced myself that it was time to crawl out of bed (I had been snuggled with my hubby watching a dog show - one of our favorite things to do - I've always wanted to show dogs and be a breeder but would never be able to give the babies up) I came and entered every one's names into to find our winner of the blog candy.

So without further ado congratulations to:

Kendra said...
Complete comfort for me, like a warm blanket, is when I'm with my sister. She it my kindred spirit, my bosom friend, my soul sister. She gets me completely and that is the greatest comfort of all. I never have to try to explain where I'm coming from because she knows. We finish each other's sentences and always know what the other is thinking without saying a word. I wish we didn't live 2000 miles apart. A girl can always count on her sister.

Thank you all so much for your comments. I really enjoyed reading your definitions of comfort. In this crazy season my prayer and goal is to keep those things that bring comfort to my soul and my home in the front of my priority list. I have been marinating on Kendra's comments while she shared her testimony of keeping the focus of this season on the truth and not the world and a comment Heather made during her lesson last week (which rocked by the way) - "Remember to do the important things first, which are not necessarily the urgent things." I put my to do list together for this week and I'm excited to try and make all of my important things come before anything the world will try to hand to me.

I also wanted to take the time to thank all of you who have supported me this week during this crazy time. Thank you for the comments, listening to me vent and cry, and making me laugh out loud! Love you all. And I hope those of you who discovered me through this candy keep coming back round, I'd really like to get to know you better.

Now I'm off to make some hot cocoa, put in my favorite Christmas movie - The Muppet's Christmas Carol - and do a little crafting. Happy Saturday:-)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christine and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Oh my goodness did I just have the worst day ever. This is the first time in over 2 years I have truly wanted a cigarette (don't worry I didn't have one) and almost went right off the wagon.

So I had my going away lunch today with my office. A bunch of people came and I was feeling so loved. I think I was in a constant state of blush with embarrassment, for those of you who don't know me very well I hate being the center of attention! But I had a great time, got some wonderful gifts and two sweet cards; all's well in my book.

Then I get back to the office to finish out the day with my exit interview from the big boss. I'm nervous about this interview as I'm pretty sure there will be some questions involving my one co-workers who has been a bit of a problem in the past. But I'm a person of integrity and value so if asked I'm gonna tell the truth! When up to my desk comes a little birdie who informs me that the manager of the other group (where said co-worker works) knows about the 'confidential' exit interview and knows that I'm going to say something about his group, and he doesn't care what I say, he'll make sure I'm unhappy for the rest of my time and so on and so forth. This infuriates me as this interview was not discussed with anyone but my boss and his boss.

I go upstairs and let the big boss know that I'm not going to talk about anything since there is no such thing as confidentiality. She asks if I'd like to just talk to her without my manager present. I explain to her what had taken place just a few minutes prior when the little birdie had stopped by my desk. She's unimpressed with the managers so this tells me that she wasn't the one to share the info, so I decide to tell her everything. I told her all the problems I had and why I was leaving and everything. She seemed to know some of the stuff already and other stuff appeared to be news she had never received before. I asked her again to keep things between us. She said no problem that she would tell my boss that we had talked and the interview was done.

I go back downstairs, and my boss calls me into his office. I'm sure he's going to ask me why I didn't wait for him. Instead he tells me that he called in the other manager and informed him that I was having an exit interview, I was going to discuss one of his employees and he was going to have to deal with the situation when the big boss brought it up. This is the point in which my jaw dropped to the ground. You've gotta be kidding me, I thought (well not really, but I can't put what I really thought here if I intend to pray with the same mind I was thinking with at that time). I inform him - in not nice tones - that he had no right to divulge that information, he had just ruined any chance I had for a quiet final week, he should never have said anything since he had no idea what was going to be said, and it wasn't his place to say anything so he should have left it to the big boss. I about foamed at the mouth I was so mad. I can not begin to tell you the mess that this whole situation has become. The person in question will take pleasure in making my life beyond miserable. I have seen her in action over the past two years and let me just say this, she should be recruited for some terrorist group since she can inflict so much pain so quickly.

So now I have a week left with these traitors and back stabbers, one of which will be ready to gouge my eyes out all because she will be caught doing things against the rules. I'm thinking of calling in sick tomorrow just so I don't have to deal with it all until Monday! If we weren't in such desperate need of the money I'd just leave tomorrow and use my vacation time for the last week! Oy.

I really think I understand now why people end up pulling out of society. I can only be beaten up so many times by the world before I just lose it all together. I'm so very thankful to have some good friends because otherwise I would have given in today. I would have finally given up on people in general. Say what you will world about my choices and my lifestyle - but at least when I go to the Ward Christmas party tonight I know there will be a room full of people who would never say or act intentionally hurtful, who care about others and not just themselves. I'll never understand how someone can tear down another person like that manager did today. I'll never understand why someone would intentionally hurt another person, actually plan to hurt them. I'm going to miss a few of my co-workers terribly, but as of right now I can't get out of that hateful place fast enough!

OK sorry for the rant I just needed to get it off my chest. Now I get to go photograph 150 primary children with Santa Claus. If nothing else that'll keep my mind off this very bad day. I think I'll ask Santa for a hug tonight, that's gotta make it better right, who's gonna feel bad after a hug from Santa?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ha ha ha ha

Your Elf Name Is...

Candy Sticky Fingers

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog Candy Time

The promise of blog candy is in here I assure you, just bare with me. I finished something today. Something I have been both anticipating and dreading for years. Something I so desired to know that I stood in a crowded store on a hot July night until after 1am to retrieve. Only to not finish until 5 months later due to my intense denial that once I made it to the end, it would in fact be the end. I would never again learn of new adventures with these beloved friends who have for over a decade shared their life with me. It was this thought that cause me such distress that I couldn't face the depth of a reality without them. Yes it is true this morning at 7:43am I reached that long dreaded juncture and closed the final chapter in the chronicles of one Harry Potter.
I must say that I am pleased so many of my predictions had come true and one largely held fear regarding a certain character came to a resolution that gave comfort to my soul. So this is where the blog candy comes into play. Hopefully you noticed my previous post where I shared my recently completed journal entitled "one little word". In this challenge I was given a world and had to expound upon the meaning of said word in a creative format. I have decided that to enter this candy contest (of which the prize will be of the scappy nature - I will post a picture tonight) you need to leave in the comment section your personal written illustration of the word comfort. What does that word stir in your soul? What does the epitome of comfort mean to you? It can be a memory of a time where you were aware of your souls comfort. Or perhaps you have something you like to do that brings a comfy spirit to you and your house. Does the word inspire thoughts of family, traditions, weather, a meal or a hobby? Whatever that word brings to mind please take a moment to share with us.
I'll start the ball rolling with what immediately comes to mind when I think of the word comfort. I see myself in my favorite old sweatshirt and flannel pants with my hair thrown up in a pony tail curled up on my sofa on an overcast winter's day. All the blinds are open; I have my comforter with me and a steaming hot cup of homemade cocoa, marshmallows all gooey and melted. The flicker of my cinnamon candle is casting a warm woody sent through out my house and lends a low glow to the pages of the book I've chosen to accompany me on this cozy afternoon. As I settle into the familiar grasp of the bound pages I can feel the cares of the world melt into the background of the day. I become one with the black print as it dissolves into the color of a far away world. It is in that moment I can truly feel comfort.
So you have until midnight on the 7th of December to share with me what the word comfort means to you. For my blog-stalkers out there in the world, I really want to hear from you too! You do not have to have a blogger account to leave a comment just use the anonymous option in the comment field and be sure to leave your name in your comment. Have fun with this friends!

**edit** here is the photo of the goodies :-) You can start a little journal of your own with this K & Company Tag book, 32 coordinating papers and some yummy flowers. You can easily alter the cover of the book as well to make it all your own lovely design.Oh and some of you have said you didn't know how to get to my photography blog. You can use this link or the one on the right sidebar. My pricing and examples are all included. Thanks for the interest :-)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sniff, Sniff

Where are my peps at? Do I need to have a little blog candy action? Has it come to this? Am I now having to bribe for comments? I'm a needy only child - I struggle daily with fear of rejection. People I need your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok tomorrow there will be a blog candy oppertunity - however it won't be a freebie, you're gonna have to do a little something for your spoils :-)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Turley Photo shoot

Meet this super cute family I'm blessed to call my friends. Shelly is one of my favorite kindred spirits here on this planet. I love the way all of her conversations make me feel like no time has past since we last talked. She calls me 'love' when she sees me and that makes me smile. Her husband and boys are all so amazingly sweet. They are just such a cozy family full of love. Thanks for letting me capture your family in this time Shel - muuuuah love ya girl. Come see them Here.

Scrap Happy

Amie hosted a crop on Friday night - during the great flood - so I packed up my goodies and ran through the rain to go play. After this week it was so nice to just hang with the girls and do a little stress reduction therapy. I really needed the girl time to be able to talk and let loose. This week was so overwhelming and I felt like I had been beaten up by everyone including those I never would have guessed had it in them to be so harsh. So it's no surprise I only got two layouts done during the 7 hours of cropping :-) Here is one about my husband. When he shoots wedding with me he always ends up holding a lot of odd stuff. So here he is looking dashing with his flowers and shall.Next I did a LO of my friend Jen and her hubby Pat. I shot their wedding this February and just love them so much. Smooches girl, muuuwah!
Then I came home and was so inspired to catch up on this one little word challenge Amie has been doing. I had done my cover and the first 3 pages at her house two weeks ago and I've been loving seeing her pages develop. So since I've been crafting all week and my living room was already torn apart I just dug right on in Saturday morning and slammed through the rest of the posted challenges. There is one more page that the word/technique has not been posted yet, so I'll have to post that one once I get it done. Enjoy.

New/use an old tool (my square punch)

Love/ink (i masked the word love on the bottom - oh check me out getting all clever)
Peace/distressing (the color on this one is off the paper is really brown)
Freedom/ribbon (my least favorite page)
Gratitude/paint (I painted the chipboard tag)
Delight/use a non-scrappy item (I used a recipe from one of my books - color is off in this one too sorry it's late I'm not fixing it)Grow/journaling strips

Dreams/stamps (both the saying and the swirl are stamps)
Adversity/paper tearing
Moment/die cut (I think I've had those butterflies since the 90's lol)

I think I might try and make one of these for someone as a gift and leave the journaling area blank. Maybe someone who hates to scrap but loves the end product. I really had fun doing this challenge. I got the chance to try some new techniques and use up some scraps that I new would be a good idea to not throw out. Thanks Amie for always encouraging me to break my comfort zone and try new thing :-)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let the Games begin.

I turned in my letter of resignation on Tuesday morning! My boss flipped his lid a bit, looked at me and said "are you serious?" Um no, sorry, ha ha ha it's all a joke, teehee. Ya dude I'm serious, who turns in a fake letter of resignation? So then he proceeds to give me the 5th degree trying to get information about where I'm going and why. I tell him to a better paying job, with no commute, 100% paid medical and tuition reimbursement. So he tells me that he has to go upstairs and talk to the big boss about that and to be prepared, she's gonna want to talk with me about this. I sit there thinking - what's she gonna do, not let me quit? Ha!

He comes back downstairs and calls me into his office to ask me if I'd reconsider. We sit there for a few seconds. I respond with a "reconsider, hum, so what are you offering?" To which is reply is "well there is nothing I can offer you, we just want to know if you'll reconsider quiting." What the hillbilly hay is that? Um ok, never mind more money and less commuting - sure what the heck I'll stay. I inform him that my decision is final and I'll be leaving December 14th. Then he has the gall to ask me to write an email to the office that he can send out from him explaining my departure. Fine, whatever, can I get you a cup of coffee and have your car washed too? Seriously I often have to check to make sure I'm not wearing a poodle skirt and see if my computer has morphed into a typewriter since he is very much stuck in the 1950's frame of mind - "hey sugar when you get a second would you come on in here?"

I spend the rest of the day answering questions and receiving congratulations from my co-workers and dodging dirty looks from the managers (except from my previous manager who was very excited for me.)

Yesterday was my day off so I returned today to find out that they are announcing my position for applications on Monday. Holy cow I should have quit two years ago and got my promotion this way! The talk of the office is all about who they'll get and when they'll be here, yada, yada, yada. The managers are all over in my office looking around and seeing if they can upgrade the furniture and get the new person a better computer, yada, yada, yada! Some of the girls are mad at me because they didn't know before I turned in my notice. Other girls are mad because I'm getting a better job. My 'Jim' keeps telling me I'm pulling a Stanford move and the branch will close in less then 6 months - thanks for that nasty thought. My office Dwight has already put post-it's on the office supplies he wants. We don't have a woman Angela, we have a guy so he's our Mangela; he's not speaking to me. My boss is moping around here like someone ran over his puppy on his birthday talking about loyalty. Seriously I'm just waiting for my calculator to be in jello on Monday.

But I'm getting a farewell lunch at Fuddruckers so it's all good right?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mmmmmmm Smores

The Friday after turkey day I got up before the sun did to join my friend in the shopping madness. I have only done this one other time and swore that I would never do it again unless the deal was too good to be true. Well Best Buy had 2 gig memory cards on sale for 24.99$ where they are usually 89.99$! Talk about a deal - I got two since I'm shooting my first all digital wedding in February and I usually kill over 700 photos at a wedding. Though this is my first full LDS wedding and I know that at the previous LDS wedding I've shot there were many ring ceremonies which are at least 200 shots so maybe this won't be so big? Who knows at least I'll be prepared right?
We had started out at Toys R Us about 1 & 1/2 hours after they had opened and it still took 45 minutes to get inside! But there was a crazy good deal going on and she got a redesigned PS2 bundled with 3 free brand new games. Great deal with a savings of over 100$. The Best Buy which we walked right into but waited for 25 minutes to check out. And the last stop was Walmart for a new sewing machine on a killer sale. Not only did we walk right in, we walked right up to a cashier and was back on our way home within 15 minutes! Holy Cow that was easier then a normal day at Walmart.
Then I came home and was able to take part in a discussion with my neighbor Nicole. She had the missionaries over and they asked if I would come join in the talk. I loved it and really enjoyed my time there. She is such an amazing person and so super sweet. Her husband has been deployed to South Korea for the past 10 months and when he left their children were 2 and 3 weeks! She is truly amazing and after you hear all the horrible trials she has experienced this year then hear her sweet love of her family and the Lord and how she is not angry or bitter for these trials! I'm so excited for her!
After that 3 hour discussion I came back home and pulled out some Christmas decorations and my favorite holiday movies. I was halfway through The Muppet's Christmas Carol when I stepped outside to take a look at something in the front yard and saw this amazing color in the sky! That is the moon rising in the photo, so pretty!

Then at 8pm we headed over to our friend Summer and Shawn's house for game night and dessert. We played a great TV theme song game where the tune was played and then you had to yell out the show. It was some serious fun! Kim and Geo were cracking me up, they kept looking at each other and saying "we really don't watch enough TV." But it was TJ and Jamie who dominated with their cunning use of TJ's extensive 1980's TV knowledge and acute psychic abilities (at one point Shawn informed us that everyone should be able to get the next tune and TJ screams out 'I love Lucy' - before the music started - and it was).
After a little break for some of Kim's killer pot stickers and TJ's seriously yummers hot wings we gathered at the table for a rousing game of Tripoly. Oh so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Next it was time for us to bundle up and head outside to roast some snores and talk. Here's Summer all cozy in her blanket. It was so windy that the cold was quite impressive for AZ.

Kim also bundled up and leaned into the fire to warm up. Would you look how gorgeous this woman is! She is super sweet too. If you haven't yet been blessed to get to know her you should, she is so genuine and nice, I really enjoy being around her :-)

Out came the marshmallows.
And the good times.
We hung around the fire roasting and gabbing until after midnight. Such a great time! I can't wait to do it again. Thanks Summer and Shawn for letting us come over and hang out. Thanks TJ (and his mom)and Jamie for teaching us all about the wonders of Dallas, Falcon Crest and The Fallguy - hehehe. Thanks Kim and Geo for your hilarious stories and impressions of each other, I'm still smiling.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Twas a Happy Thanksgiving

As I was doing most of the cooking I didn't get to many photos of our Thanksgiving day. So this will be more of a highlight of the Holiday. My hubby and I arrived at my mother's house early Thursday morning. We prepared the bird with a little assistance from my mom, it always helps to not have to try and salt your own hands after they have been in the bird :-)

I made my favorite yummy veggie, Brussels sprouts. I tried really hard to get everyone to be grateful for their presence at our feast, however, on my grandmother seemed to appreciate them. I mean come on, Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon, shallots and pecans -yummers!
It's a bird! it's a plane! Nope it's my husband holding a 20 lb naked bird.
On to the grill. By the way have you ever BBQ'd a turkey before? So good, oh so good. The bird is moist and juicy and the skin is crispty crunchie!
Here's looking at ya kid. See ya in a couple hours and don't forget your sunblock.
My dad emerged from his cage after we'd been there a couple hours. He had to go work that day so he forged for food, said his hello's then his good byes and was off to protect and serve. This is his widely know "don't mess with me kid I'm looking for my breakfast" look.

The pies were done, stuffing made, green beans heating, yams ready and cranberries marinating. Turkey still has two hours to go. What to do, what to do?????

Think I'll step outside and enjoy the beautiful 85 degree day. Dip my toes in the pool and soak up some sun.
Oh then go check on the turkey. Oh looks good!!!!

Time for the in laws to show up. Meet my mother-in-law, she really must be experienced to understand the hilarity of this photo.

Before we knew it dinner was ready. Oh boy do I love this holiday. We filled our plates and mossed outside to enjoy the afternoon sun and beautiful waterfall. Oh Heavenly Father, I have so much I'm thankful for!
The day ended with my husband, my mother and myself enjoying a little Survivor and CSI together, along with some stuffing of course. Over all it was a wonderful day! Hope yours was just as cozy.