Friday, November 20, 2009

Back up and running

Yeah baby I've got the good ol bloggiety back up and running. Whew was that some drama that I don't care to go through again. I'm not going to go through it all here just because I think it would give a certain person way too much joy to know I even care for a minute that took time out of her day to try and hurt me. Let me just take a moment to tell this woman something, just in case she swings by here again; honestly is the best policy, fact checking pays off and I give you no power over me so nothing you try to do to me (including trying to get me fired) can phase me. Ahhhhhhhhh revenge may sound good but I will tell you honest justice will always feel better the morning after.

So my little blog is back and running. My life has been busy, busy, busy these past two months!!!!!!!!! We got to go to my one of my favorite places on earth for the baby's first Halloween. It was amazing to see his face and reactions to all the lights and magic. I think he's a fan :)

Speaking of the little man, he's not so little any more!

And I'm still doing the photo game. I got to photograph a wedding last night that has to be my favorite this year, hands down. I cried the whole time. It was small and warm and full of love. I left wanting to go snuggle into bed with my husband and son and tell them just home much I love them and how grateful I am they are mine. I just can't decide which of these I like best. Any thoughts?