Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Snowflake bound

Our trip to Snowflake included 4 women, 7 suitcases (for an overnight stay) 1 SUV, 9 bottles of water, 4 Dairy Queen ice creams (total, not each), 1 motel room, 1 roll of TP, 1 camera, 1 trucker pit stop, 5 bowls of chips and salsa, 3 hours of very spiritual talks, 3 Wendy's fries, 1 near car fiasco and tons of laughs. We TP'd Christy's car while she was in the shower. She was a might bit surprised.

Downtown Holbrook was like taking a step back in time. I just loved the sights as we drove out to Snowflake.

The out house. Christy insisted we document the little shack we all envisioned to be an emergency out house but agreed no one would ever be that desperate.
Isn't this photo just a great visual metaphor for life?

Yes we stopped on the side of the highway to take this photo. It was preceded by Christy yelling "that's the biggest bug I've ever seen." Hence the blurry rushed feeling the photo has as I am not a bug liking person.

The road into Snowflake. The city received it's name due to the meeting of the Snow and the Flake families back wen the area was settled by early pioneers.

So much room all around. The sky was blue and the air was so clean. I could have just moved right on in and never looked back.

The front of the Temple has these beautiful water features that represent your entering into the waters of baptism before entering the house of the Lord. The made the most wonderful sound as we walked around the grounds. I just love the sound of water.

This is on the back side of the Temple. So pretty! I just ached to grab a bride and groom and take some photo's. (P.S. Heather we want photos right here, so yummy with all the flowers)

The back of the Temple.

While Robyn and Christy did an early session Patricia and I decided to take a drive to Show Low to kill some time. We passed a church rummage sale and thought it would be great fun to stop and buy something completely off the wall for the girls. So for 3$ we provided Robyn with some piddle pads in honor of her frequent requests for a bathroom break and Christy a rocking pick cowgirl hat. Needless to say there was much laughing when we returned from our session together.

Some beautiful flowers that were on the side of the high way, which by the way Christy backed up to get to since we were the only cars on the road. I love the desert vegetation and could easily see myself taking an entire trip just photographing the many plants out there.

Coming into Payson. This is for all my out of state friends, see we do to have trees in Arizona.

And finally coming back into northern Scottsdale on our way back into reality. It was a wonderful time had by all. I'm looking forward to going back in the fall, most likely October. I just cant wait to see all the little houses decorated for Halloween. Then again next June for out big day! I'm so excited for it all!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. I'm Jealous :) I love the Snowflake Temple. I got to take my kids through it before it was dedicated which was a really neat experience. Your pictures are beautiful. Toni

Amie said...

awesome trip! I'm so glad you documented it!

Casey Lu said...

That is so cool that you went to Snowflake and went to the temple! Beautiful area and temple! I have lived here my entire life and haven't be to much other than Flag, Prescott, and Gerome. So glad you got to go, had fun, and took some really great shots! I really love the one of the makes me think... life has its ups and downs but you have got to stop and savor each moment. Just what came to mind when I saw the picture! Can't wait to see the layouts you come up with , with those pictures!

The Goofy Gardner's! said...

You girls had too much fun!!! I lOve those trips! And, what a neat experience to go to the Snowflake Temple! I, too, went through with my kids before it was dedicated. I'm so excited for you and your hubby to go through the temple!

heather said...

Are you telling me you are getting married in the snowflake temple? It is gorgeous. Are you saying I get to take your pictures. SCORE!