Monday, August 20, 2007

House Drama

So we had a company come out to clean out the ducts in the house in hopes that will also help with my mystery illness. The get into the rooms and start taking the grates off in each room. Next thing we know we are getting called back to look at what the tech found...........mold. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! So the tech goes up into the attic and looks at the A/C blower, which was filthy ( I honestly don't think the people who lived here before us ever had any maintenance done at all) and finds a huge blockage and a leak which has caused the mold. So $750 later the ducts have been cleaned, the A/C blower has been cleaned and everything has been treated with a chemical to kill the mold, and the carpets have been cleaned and treated for mold. I so hope and pray that this is what has been causing the mystery illness and I can get over the problems and return to a better state of health!


carrie said...

I sure hope that takes care of your problems!! How scarry!! I am sorry you have to deal with that.
I was thinking I could e-mail you some pictures would that work?
I love your recipes. I think you nedd to come over one night and we can make them!!

Amie said...


Is this never going to end?? $750!?!?!?!?

I really feel for you!!

Mrs. Matkin said...

Girl! You need a break! What can I do to help??? I'm cleaning my house in a big way on Thursday, (my dad is babysitting for me), can I stop by yours and do something?