Sunday, August 19, 2007

My crazy dog

Roxi loves to be outside. She has her our ritual when we let her out and I was finally prepared enough to be there with a camera when it all went down. So here's the story.

When Roxi wants to go outside she will sit at the door and politely tap with her paw on the glass. After she is let out she will go and sit very lady like on the grass (or what is trying to impersonate grass) and just soak up the sun.

The without notice she will flop down and begins her rolling.

She rolls left and right, then back to the left.

Stretching and sniffing. It really is the cutest thing around. Then when she has completed said ritual she will finally go potty, but not a minute before!

And she is always worried about who might be in her yard. She often jumps up as soon as we open the blinds so she can survey the situation. Crazy girl!


Mrs. Matkin said...

I love her! And I'm not in love with animals... but ANY dog that can do something that can be described as "polite" is A-OK with me!!! I'll have to meet her one of these days!