Sunday, August 19, 2007

New floors

In an effort to help control my asthma DJ ripped up all the carpet in our bedroom and the master bath. We had hopes of re-financing the house and using some equity to redo the floors through out to get the carpet out all together, but with the market being so wiggy we have decided to hold off for a while. So we tried to live on the cement foundation for a while telling each other "we can do this. It's really not all that bad right?" While both secretly just hating the situation, and with the cracks in the foundation we were being invaded by ants, YUCK!. So we happened to be in Big Lots one fine day looking for a good deal on some computer paper and rounded a corner to find flooring! We found these linoleum tiles that were self stick and it was priced 12 sq feet for 10$. So for only 250$ we were able to re-floor both rooms. DJ laid the tile himself in a total of 2 days and aside from finding out two of the walls are nowhere near straight, it looks great! I was really impressed by the quality and texture of the tiles. We were also very happy to find out that when we are ready to lay the wood floors we can just throw the padding down and go for it. Woo Hoo. Now I don't feel the need to cry when I enter our bedroom, always a good thing. :-)


Amie said...

wow, lotsa work! looks good!

Mrs. Matkin said...

Those look awesome! Don't you just love Big Lots!!?! I've gotten so many great deals on awesome stuff there. The two huge paintings in our living room are from there. I love that place! I'm so glad you have flooring in your bedroom! Especially to keep out the ants!!