Tuesday, August 28, 2007

and the winner is................

I took all 8 names and wrote them on 3x5 cards. Then laid them out on the carpet name down so the cat would not be swayed one way or the other. I then released the paper loving cat who promptly went over and stretched out on the treadmill Amie has lent to us. She had no intention to move from the perch with the fan blowing on her. Isn't it always that way, kids love to get in the mix until you want them to, then they act like little angels. So I decided to turn around and act as if I had no interest in her at that moment. When I came back to the great room she was stretched out on a name. Yea my plan worked! I went over to get the name from her and she kept grabbing it back from me so I took the winning picture with her paw firmly on the card. You can totally see her cattitude in these pictures lol!

Congratulations girl! I thought this was a fitting choice by Tybalt since Amie not only got me into blogging, but her Birthday is in September. If you entered into the candy drawing thanks! You will get my family and friends rate should you choose to book a photo session with me in the next 6 months! Thanks for playing everyone. Next candy at 5k.


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Your cat is So cute!! Love those fluffy fur balls! My son is begging for me to get another cat (our last one snuck out of the house & haven't seen it since) but after we move that just might be the thing to make my dog happy. He misses his furry feline friend! Too funny that she loves paper and the way she is laying on it cracks me up! :)

Mrs. Matkin said...

Congratulations Amie! *through gritting teeth* :) I suppose I can afford Christine's friends and family rate, so I won't hold on to my hard feelings! Christine! You coached the cat didn't you!!! You love Amie more!!! ;)

I miss having cats sometimes! They're so loving! What a great idea! I'll have to take pictures of the picking of the winner next time I do blog candy! So cute! And what a great name.. Tybalt! I love great animal names! :)

Ijsbeer said...

Haha. That must be the best way to pick out the winner ever. Love the expression on your cat's face.

And congrats to Amie:)

Amie said...



I am so stinkin' excited!!!!