Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scrap Happy

Saturday night we had a girls scrappy night at C-Chow's house. Such a great time. I just love hanging with these ladies and talking the night away. Amie is still scapping away on her Christmas pictures and knocked out 4 layouts. Carrie just recently had her kids photographed by Heather and she is putting together a 9x9 coffee table album, super cute, and she got 5 layouts done. Natalie has just begun scrapping the birth of her precious daughter and she worked on 2 layouts as well as embossed for the first time! I put together 20 cards for a swap coming up next week and created my design for next months card. So much fun. We also had some visitors drop by; Heather stopped into look at all our pages and showed us some recent creations of her own. Joanna brought over her laptop and was able to edit some photos of her new baby girl Karina, she's just such a yummy baby. And Christy stopped by for some girl chat and a photo. We are planning for another scrap gathering in two weeks and any and all are invited to join. Just drop any of us a line if you have questions and we'll fill ya in.

Natalie putting together the next set of colors and letters.

Amie going through her photos for the next layout.

Midnight impression of Amie's 8 year old son and his cheeser face when he sees a camera. LOL.

Some scrappy action in the making.

More scrappy action.

The gang. Can't wait until next time. Woo Hoo!

Ah 1 AM and we were all getting a little loopy. Nat covered in photo splits had us cracking up. And Miss Carrie I notice that your photo was missing from my little memory card.........hmmmmmm. :-)


Mrs. Matkin said...

so fun! i need to look at the pictures on my camera! we all have one in particular that we need to share with one another! :)

Amie said...

Yah, thanks for that!

Did I tell you or Natalie (I forget) that Kelsy wants to do the next crop but it's at her house THIS FRIDAY. IF that doesn't work for you, let me know. I have an email ready to send to about 15 people. =)