Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let the Games begin.

I turned in my letter of resignation on Tuesday morning! My boss flipped his lid a bit, looked at me and said "are you serious?" Um no, sorry, ha ha ha it's all a joke, teehee. Ya dude I'm serious, who turns in a fake letter of resignation? So then he proceeds to give me the 5th degree trying to get information about where I'm going and why. I tell him to a better paying job, with no commute, 100% paid medical and tuition reimbursement. So he tells me that he has to go upstairs and talk to the big boss about that and to be prepared, she's gonna want to talk with me about this. I sit there thinking - what's she gonna do, not let me quit? Ha!

He comes back downstairs and calls me into his office to ask me if I'd reconsider. We sit there for a few seconds. I respond with a "reconsider, hum, so what are you offering?" To which is reply is "well there is nothing I can offer you, we just want to know if you'll reconsider quiting." What the hillbilly hay is that? Um ok, never mind more money and less commuting - sure what the heck I'll stay. I inform him that my decision is final and I'll be leaving December 14th. Then he has the gall to ask me to write an email to the office that he can send out from him explaining my departure. Fine, whatever, can I get you a cup of coffee and have your car washed too? Seriously I often have to check to make sure I'm not wearing a poodle skirt and see if my computer has morphed into a typewriter since he is very much stuck in the 1950's frame of mind - "hey sugar when you get a second would you come on in here?"

I spend the rest of the day answering questions and receiving congratulations from my co-workers and dodging dirty looks from the managers (except from my previous manager who was very excited for me.)

Yesterday was my day off so I returned today to find out that they are announcing my position for applications on Monday. Holy cow I should have quit two years ago and got my promotion this way! The talk of the office is all about who they'll get and when they'll be here, yada, yada, yada. The managers are all over in my office looking around and seeing if they can upgrade the furniture and get the new person a better computer, yada, yada, yada! Some of the girls are mad at me because they didn't know before I turned in my notice. Other girls are mad because I'm getting a better job. My 'Jim' keeps telling me I'm pulling a Stanford move and the branch will close in less then 6 months - thanks for that nasty thought. My office Dwight has already put post-it's on the office supplies he wants. We don't have a woman Angela, we have a guy so he's our Mangela; he's not speaking to me. My boss is moping around here like someone ran over his puppy on his birthday talking about loyalty. Seriously I'm just waiting for my calculator to be in jello on Monday.

But I'm getting a farewell lunch at Fuddruckers so it's all good right?


Christine said...

They are all just jealous! You have to think about what will be good for you and hubbie. BTW, all offices are like that. We had 2 people quit today, but it was the either quit or be fired kinda resignation. But, I swear everyone is thinking they are lucky to get out of here!

Amie said...

lol! great post!

The Gardner Fam! said...

Your post made me laugh!! :o) So, if you put in your letter of resignation, are you going to a new job??