Saturday, November 24, 2007

Twas a Happy Thanksgiving

As I was doing most of the cooking I didn't get to many photos of our Thanksgiving day. So this will be more of a highlight of the Holiday. My hubby and I arrived at my mother's house early Thursday morning. We prepared the bird with a little assistance from my mom, it always helps to not have to try and salt your own hands after they have been in the bird :-)

I made my favorite yummy veggie, Brussels sprouts. I tried really hard to get everyone to be grateful for their presence at our feast, however, on my grandmother seemed to appreciate them. I mean come on, Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon, shallots and pecans -yummers!
It's a bird! it's a plane! Nope it's my husband holding a 20 lb naked bird.
On to the grill. By the way have you ever BBQ'd a turkey before? So good, oh so good. The bird is moist and juicy and the skin is crispty crunchie!
Here's looking at ya kid. See ya in a couple hours and don't forget your sunblock.
My dad emerged from his cage after we'd been there a couple hours. He had to go work that day so he forged for food, said his hello's then his good byes and was off to protect and serve. This is his widely know "don't mess with me kid I'm looking for my breakfast" look.

The pies were done, stuffing made, green beans heating, yams ready and cranberries marinating. Turkey still has two hours to go. What to do, what to do?????

Think I'll step outside and enjoy the beautiful 85 degree day. Dip my toes in the pool and soak up some sun.
Oh then go check on the turkey. Oh looks good!!!!

Time for the in laws to show up. Meet my mother-in-law, she really must be experienced to understand the hilarity of this photo.

Before we knew it dinner was ready. Oh boy do I love this holiday. We filled our plates and mossed outside to enjoy the afternoon sun and beautiful waterfall. Oh Heavenly Father, I have so much I'm thankful for!
The day ended with my husband, my mother and myself enjoying a little Survivor and CSI together, along with some stuffing of course. Over all it was a wonderful day! Hope yours was just as cozy.


Jaime said...

Hey I didn't get to see the "after" pic of the bird??
We sure had fun on Fri. night, I can't believe that T & I beat you & DJ @ the name the tune game. Did any of our "fire pit" pics turn out?

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

SO glad you had fun at your friends house and that you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I am going to try to make the crop on Friday night so if I can come I will bring the keyboard. Do you have any openings for a photo session??

Shel said...

MMMM...that food looks soooo divine....I felt I was there while reading and drooling, and got up to put the baby to sleep, still smelling your food, then remembered I had prok chops in the crock pot...Wake up to reality, I thought I was in your kitchen there for a few moments...I wish I was eating what is on these plates!! :) The photos look like those out of Gourmet or Bon Apetit magazines!! YUM! We love you Christine!!

Amie said...

nice recap, CC!'re on your own there with the brussel sprouts. I don't even think chocolate could save those puppies.

The Gardner Fam! said...

Thanksgiving!! Yumminess! (Is that even a word??!?! haha)