Monday, November 26, 2007

Mmmmmmm Smores

The Friday after turkey day I got up before the sun did to join my friend in the shopping madness. I have only done this one other time and swore that I would never do it again unless the deal was too good to be true. Well Best Buy had 2 gig memory cards on sale for 24.99$ where they are usually 89.99$! Talk about a deal - I got two since I'm shooting my first all digital wedding in February and I usually kill over 700 photos at a wedding. Though this is my first full LDS wedding and I know that at the previous LDS wedding I've shot there were many ring ceremonies which are at least 200 shots so maybe this won't be so big? Who knows at least I'll be prepared right?
We had started out at Toys R Us about 1 & 1/2 hours after they had opened and it still took 45 minutes to get inside! But there was a crazy good deal going on and she got a redesigned PS2 bundled with 3 free brand new games. Great deal with a savings of over 100$. The Best Buy which we walked right into but waited for 25 minutes to check out. And the last stop was Walmart for a new sewing machine on a killer sale. Not only did we walk right in, we walked right up to a cashier and was back on our way home within 15 minutes! Holy Cow that was easier then a normal day at Walmart.
Then I came home and was able to take part in a discussion with my neighbor Nicole. She had the missionaries over and they asked if I would come join in the talk. I loved it and really enjoyed my time there. She is such an amazing person and so super sweet. Her husband has been deployed to South Korea for the past 10 months and when he left their children were 2 and 3 weeks! She is truly amazing and after you hear all the horrible trials she has experienced this year then hear her sweet love of her family and the Lord and how she is not angry or bitter for these trials! I'm so excited for her!
After that 3 hour discussion I came back home and pulled out some Christmas decorations and my favorite holiday movies. I was halfway through The Muppet's Christmas Carol when I stepped outside to take a look at something in the front yard and saw this amazing color in the sky! That is the moon rising in the photo, so pretty!

Then at 8pm we headed over to our friend Summer and Shawn's house for game night and dessert. We played a great TV theme song game where the tune was played and then you had to yell out the show. It was some serious fun! Kim and Geo were cracking me up, they kept looking at each other and saying "we really don't watch enough TV." But it was TJ and Jamie who dominated with their cunning use of TJ's extensive 1980's TV knowledge and acute psychic abilities (at one point Shawn informed us that everyone should be able to get the next tune and TJ screams out 'I love Lucy' - before the music started - and it was).
After a little break for some of Kim's killer pot stickers and TJ's seriously yummers hot wings we gathered at the table for a rousing game of Tripoly. Oh so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Next it was time for us to bundle up and head outside to roast some snores and talk. Here's Summer all cozy in her blanket. It was so windy that the cold was quite impressive for AZ.

Kim also bundled up and leaned into the fire to warm up. Would you look how gorgeous this woman is! She is super sweet too. If you haven't yet been blessed to get to know her you should, she is so genuine and nice, I really enjoy being around her :-)

Out came the marshmallows.
And the good times.
We hung around the fire roasting and gabbing until after midnight. Such a great time! I can't wait to do it again. Thanks Summer and Shawn for letting us come over and hang out. Thanks TJ (and his mom)and Jamie for teaching us all about the wonders of Dallas, Falcon Crest and The Fallguy - hehehe. Thanks Kim and Geo for your hilarious stories and impressions of each other, I'm still smiling.


Toni said...

Mmmmmm I love s'mores. Looks like fun!

Jaime said...

That was such a great night! I thought for sure you and DJ would win the name that tv show game, you would've except for TJ knowing all the old soaps. He is going to just love that this is getting out!! LOL!!

Amie said...

What a great post!

The Gardner Fam! said...

Good food and good friends!! Isnt' that the best! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Oh and we can't forget about the great deals while shopping! :o)