Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crazy Day!

Saturday was going to be a calm day with some Christmas lights and a little light shopping for groceries then out to Mesa to see the Temple lights. Well you know what they say about plans and how they seem to go haywire once you say them out loud - it's all true.

DJ ran over to my grandparents to put up their Christmas lights for them in the morning, and when he returned home we were going to run to Recollections. With the job change I'm getting the vacation time I had accumulated paid out to me in cash so this year we actually get to buy each other Christmas gifts. We decided to buy things for each other that were needed in the sense that we would most likely buy them throughout the year anyways. So DJ was taking me to the scrappy store to run through like a little kid and put everything I really wanted in the basket then I had to go outside while he choose what to get me - super fun.

Well on the way there he got a call from his boss telling him to pick a day off this week and it can't be a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. He also told him that he wouldn't be getting Sunday's off for a couple weeks, and it looks like he's working New Years Day. So we looked at each other and realized this was the last day we had to run around and get stuff done until January and after tomorrow we wouldn't see each other until Christmas Day (since I no longer get my Wednesdays off) - bummer! So we ran to a ton of places, then to three different grocery stores for different sale items, then home to put up Christmas lights, then to clean for Sunday night's dinner with Elder Holly who was going home on the 21st. By the time we sat down it was 10pm - no Temple lights for us. Double bummer. When do the lights end? Maybe we can luck out and he can get one night before they turn them off.

I'm sure gonna miss him in these next few weeks. He's mostly bummed about missing the choir performance next week that he's been practicing for over the last couple weeks (pouted like a little kid to be honest) and the fact that he's gonna not get to see his Brother or Sister-in-law while they are here except at Christmas Dinner. We had been hoping to get to spend the Sunday right before Christmas with them since we only see each other once a year - triple bummer. Oh well what are you gonna do right? At least we found out this was going to be the last weekend when we did otherwise I would have not known and would have ended up doing all that running around by myself, which could have resulted in a tragic situation as I don't handle crowds well, lol. However, I do foresee much crafting being done as I will be alone a lot. Oh the paper and stickles they will be a flowing!!!!!!!

Any-whoodle I did remember to grab my camera when the lights went up on the house, yay!

First here's our tree. Ohh Ahh - pretty tree.

The annual checking of the lights.
Then my stretchy husband trying to put the lights up with as few repositionings of the ladder as possible. He's very good at his job.

Me keeping the lights from getting tangled up and enjoying the hot cocoa. I'm very good at my job too.

We came around the corner to find we had an audience.

Roxie talked us into letting her come out and help.

Then it came time to flip the switch, and woo hoo they all lit up! So pretty and colorful.

My hubby did such a good job. I just love him so much and am so thankful that he works so hard for me and our tiny family. And he's kinda cute too :-)


Amie said...

Great pictures, CC! So sad too about DJ having to work the next couple of Sundays. =( He will be missed. I love the pic of you! I think the temple lights stay on until new year's. Good luck...I do hope you can make it at least once. Let us know if you want some company when you do go. I'm gonna start calling DJ ElastiBoy. =) Oh, and let me know if you want to scrap sometime. I'm always good for it!

PS: way cute about your audience!

Meg Meggie Meggers? said...

I miss my festive neighbor-friends. Did you know that I now (and will probably forever more) compare all of my neighbors to DJ and you? :)

Happy Holidays!!
*mwah* kisses

dd2njoy said...

Great pics!!! Your tree looks wonderful! Awwww! That's so sad that you guys are working so much and won't be able to see each other much. Just appreciate everyday and minute that you are together,that's the best gift you can give yourselves! You look like the perfect couple!!!

Taylor & Jaime said...

Okay first guys are such an adorable couple, I love you both so much! Second, your dog Roxie is so dang cute! My family has a dog names Roxie too! Are you going to the RS Progressive dinner on Thursday? We STILL need to get together so the hubbies can unite!