Monday, December 10, 2007


*Sappy alert - since I use this blog as a bit of a journal too be forewarned this post is a bit sappy.*

When we were dating DJ bought me this precious poem on a decorative hanger. It has hung in everyplace we have called home. I haven't taken the opportunity to re-read it often, but when I pass it I smile remembering the cold snowy day he bought it for me. Tonight while I was in my office missing him I looked up and took a moment to re-read it and the words struck me in a deeper way then they had before, especially since my definition of Eternity has changed over the past year. The words are so simplistic, but it really reminds me of how he has always been able to remain in the moment of our love instead of trying to plan tomorrow like I always try to. Through all of our trials from zeroing our checking account each month to infertility he always remains right there in the moment to keep me grounded and feeling safe. I'm so blessed. He may not be a rich man, but I could never find another in the entire universe who could love me as deeply as he does; and I'll take that over any worldly offering any day.


My thoughts are always of you
And I wish I knew a way
To tell you of my love for you
In the words that lovers say.

Our lives are yet before us
And just knowing that you care
Makes each say a little brighter
For we have so much to share.

Our love is so much deeper
Than what the world can see
It's just between the two of us
Partly you and partly me.

I know through all Eternity
Whenever trumpets sound
That mighty book is opened
And there our names are found.

And on those timeless pages
Live the memories of those years
Of our love that lives forever
Signed with happy tears.

I shall treasure each tomorrow
That I may share with you,
For I know through all Eternity
That I will be there too.
-Clayton Hobart Fox


Amie said...

so sweet! You guys are a great match!

Christine said...

Let me wipe my tears, that was sweet!

The Gardner Fam! said...

Ah!! I love that poem.....what a sweet dear husband to have given that to you. He's a keeper, for sure! :o)

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

That poem is so perfect! I am so happy that you have DJ and that you both are perfect for each other! Seeing you guys at the store Saturday night, you both are so cute!! Love ya girl! ;)