Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is 2007 over yet?

Holy cow this year needs to end and fast!!!!! I'm not going to be able to keep up with 2008 if it keeps up at this rate.

In the past three days I have:
Finished my HR training
Leaned how to track the court files in our computer system
Been questioned by federal agents
Almost been hit in my car 4 times
Been to a wedding
Been to a party
Only seen my husband for a total of 3 hours (not each day - actually that's it since Monday
only 3 hours, so sad)
Edited Santa photos
Tried to clean my house
Arrange the entire Christmas Eve dinner
Paid the bills
Baked a ton of stuff to give out
Spoke with a very close friend who I lost contact with 3 years ago - Love ya Abby
Not been home before 10:30pm Mon, Tues, & Wed (tonight was a huge improvement getting here at 7:45pm)
Had one asthma attack
Grocery shopped
Went to the post office
Went to the Doctor's
Went to Walmart
Oh and worked 32 hours too.

So ready for a slow down on Saturday. Oy! And people tell me that since I don't have kids I should have no problems getting everything done, and why don't I call more, and why don't I write more email??????? Because I'm curled up in the fetal position by Friday night praying for a night where I get to sleep before midnight that's why! And then I freak out, then I calm down thinking of all the wonderful service I had the opportunity to be a part of and the visits and the meals and all the lives I was blessed to share in that week and I feel so much better. Then I freak again when I think about how I'm going to complete all this and have a baby. Then I simply pass out.
That said have a good week! I'm gonna be a little sporadic with my posts for the rest of the year as I have a lot to do and many commitments (as I'm sure you all do too) so please forgive me.

Oh and here's a photo of the beautiful Bride and Groom!


Amie said...

aww, don't they look good??

Yah, this year just flew for us. December is flying too. I'm hoping 2008 is so great for you! You're gonna be fine when you have kids--some things will slow down, there'll be more give and take. You can't possibly be expected to stay out every night til 10 when you have a little one at your beck and call. Priorities change, callings change, expectations change, and your desires will change--all when meant to. Chin up grasshopper!

Christine said...

Wow! You are one busy gal! Have a Merry Christmas!

Sher said...

wow, i think we all have too much to complete in one day! that's why we have to pray alot and try. ha ha. it is hard to contemplate how to do it all, with kids too! i look at my sisters and think, whoa, how did my mom do it with us 4 kids! mothers are seriously amazing, and i know you will be too! don't fret, being the women we are, we worry too much, don't we? hah! i'm lookin forward to jane austen movie night, i just got the new Pride & Prejudice movie! and soundtrack! ~sigh~