Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog Candy Time

The promise of blog candy is in here I assure you, just bare with me. I finished something today. Something I have been both anticipating and dreading for years. Something I so desired to know that I stood in a crowded store on a hot July night until after 1am to retrieve. Only to not finish until 5 months later due to my intense denial that once I made it to the end, it would in fact be the end. I would never again learn of new adventures with these beloved friends who have for over a decade shared their life with me. It was this thought that cause me such distress that I couldn't face the depth of a reality without them. Yes it is true this morning at 7:43am I reached that long dreaded juncture and closed the final chapter in the chronicles of one Harry Potter.
I must say that I am pleased so many of my predictions had come true and one largely held fear regarding a certain character came to a resolution that gave comfort to my soul. So this is where the blog candy comes into play. Hopefully you noticed my previous post where I shared my recently completed journal entitled "one little word". In this challenge I was given a world and had to expound upon the meaning of said word in a creative format. I have decided that to enter this candy contest (of which the prize will be of the scappy nature - I will post a picture tonight) you need to leave in the comment section your personal written illustration of the word comfort. What does that word stir in your soul? What does the epitome of comfort mean to you? It can be a memory of a time where you were aware of your souls comfort. Or perhaps you have something you like to do that brings a comfy spirit to you and your house. Does the word inspire thoughts of family, traditions, weather, a meal or a hobby? Whatever that word brings to mind please take a moment to share with us.
I'll start the ball rolling with what immediately comes to mind when I think of the word comfort. I see myself in my favorite old sweatshirt and flannel pants with my hair thrown up in a pony tail curled up on my sofa on an overcast winter's day. All the blinds are open; I have my comforter with me and a steaming hot cup of homemade cocoa, marshmallows all gooey and melted. The flicker of my cinnamon candle is casting a warm woody sent through out my house and lends a low glow to the pages of the book I've chosen to accompany me on this cozy afternoon. As I settle into the familiar grasp of the bound pages I can feel the cares of the world melt into the background of the day. I become one with the black print as it dissolves into the color of a far away world. It is in that moment I can truly feel comfort.
So you have until midnight on the 7th of December to share with me what the word comfort means to you. For my blog-stalkers out there in the world, I really want to hear from you too! You do not have to have a blogger account to leave a comment just use the anonymous option in the comment field and be sure to leave your name in your comment. Have fun with this friends!

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Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

To me comfort is how I feel when I am cuddled in my hubby's arms whether it is to watch a tv show, movie, or just talking. I feel comfort in his arms as I have never ever felt in my life.
Comfort also is being in my favorite yoga pants and one of my hubby's baggy shirts ready to sip my cup of hot chocolate and to either read, scrap, blog, or read to my kids.

Amie said...

OK, first, congrats on finishing HP. I will email you my feelings about it, cuz I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

And second, Comfort. There are so many directions one could take with this word. There's financial comfort, physical comfort, spiritual, and eternal. I think of comfort whenever I have my family gathered around me, warm and safe and secure, perhaps all snuggly under a blanket reading books or cuddled up on the couch watching a family flick together. I sit back in amazement sometimes when I look at my kids and think "I made that." ;) It's hard to believe sometimes, that our bodies are so smart and that Heavenly Father has made us so. I love knowing that we are a forever family and that even if something horrible was to happen, we are going to be together for eternity. I sit back and smile, sigh, and hug a little closer my 'four' crazy boys. And that is my idea of comfort.

Christine said...

I felt the same way about finishing HP.

Comfort is many things. A hug from my mother. Snuggling with my hubbie. Feeling the Spirit swell within my heart and envelope me at church. Getting teary eyed while I look at my Christmas tree and realize how lucky I am to know Jesus Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. A funny one, but getting dressed in the morning and knowing the special reason I wear what I wear (that was cryptic). It's also reading a book in the bathtub filled with bubbles, knowing that my hubbie is keeping the kids occupied so I can have 5 minutes. And finally knowing that I will be with my family forever!

Jaime said...

This is a good one, for me Comfort is; the smell of homemade bread fresh from the oven, baking Christmas cookies/candies with family/friends. (can't wait till next week when we'll make our truffles together!!) A rainey day in my pj's w/ a cup of hot cocoa, Snuggled in my "warm" bed (flannel sheets & electric blanket) with a good book. And last but certainly not least my eternal family!

Kendra said...

Complete comfort for me, like a warm blanket, is when I'm with my sister. She it my kindred spirit, my bosom friend, my soul sister. She gets me completely and that is the greatest comfort of all. I never have to try to explain where I'm coming from because she knows. We finish each other's sentenses and always know what the other is thinking without saying a word. I wish we didn't live 2000 miles apart. A girl can always count on her sister.

tyrymom29 said...

Comfort to me is a hot bath ,pjs and the whole family DH,2amazing boys,and my 2 labrador snuggling in bed watching a movie ...On a saturday night .Nothing comforts me more than being all together ..Thanks for the chance!!!

Cathy said...

Wow great question and candy!
Comfort to me is:
Being in sweat pants and t-shirt surrounded by all my stampin stuff. Music in the background and the mojo flowin!
Thanks for a chance.

Angel Wilde said...

Comfort to me is being in my soft, warm jammies cuddled up under a blanket, surrounded by pillows and sipping some warm sweet chai! I am sick today so this sounds very inviting!

scfranson said...

You have a great blog. Comfort to me is my husband holding my hand, snuggling up into his back in the middle of the night, a new baby cuddled at your breast, a soft warm blanket, a child's hug and kiss.

Heidi said...

hmmmmm comfort: well at first thought it is how I feel when I snuggle with my son, blankets tucked up around him and we talk about all the things he is grasping to know (or wanting to stay up longer). On the spiritual side it is the feeling I get when I really think about life in heaven, what is waiting for me and what it is like for my father in heaven, knowing he is spending Christmas WITH Jesus and not just celebrating his birth here on Earth. It is nice to think about these things.... thanks!

CAKVD said...

Comfort to me means feeling warm, secure, happy, healthy, and cozy. When I think of comfort, I think about laying on a down feather comforter and pillow with my Perisan cat sleeping next to me and purring.
Cheryl KVD

Toni said...

Comfort is a hug whether it's from my husband who's hug can make almost anything all better or from one of my kids who just wants to be close to me. I love warm hugs!

Lilian said...

when i heard "comfort" i immediately was reminded of this verse from the well known christmas carol: "oh tiding of comfort and joy" Jesus truly brings comfort to us... in all aspects of the word. :)

Anonymous said...

Comfort would be a world where everyone respects each other. We each may have differences of opinions and different view points, but if everybody would accept that there would be so much less unrest in this world.


dd2njoy said...

Thanks for the chance at your candy!!! Nice!! Confort to me is knowing that my husband is ALWAYS there for me!!!Whether in good times or bad times or sickness,he's always by my side!!!

heather said...

Comfort is..
being safe in Dave's love. Safe in my knowledge that I am a child of a God that loves me. Safe in keeping the commandments in a crazy world of sin. Safe in my role as mother which is the definition of comfort for 5 children that I love.