Monday, November 12, 2007

Great weekend!

Friday night we had our Super "Friday" craft night. I had so much fun with the ladies painting, gluing and hammering the night away. Check out some of the festivities.

Here are my finished projects!

Saturday we had the pleasure of attending the baptism of Carrie's husband, Vijay. It was such an amazing night and the spirit felt was so strong. Heather gave a great talk on baptism and Brother Moss moved us all with his talk on the Holy Ghost. Then after the wonderful event we all went back to Carrie & Vijay's for an incredible feast of Indian food. So yummy, we all stuffed ourselves to the brink of a food induced coma.

Then Sunday we ran off to church for the Primary program. The children were so precious up there singing. I love seeing all those little ones so excited. After church we ran over to Heather and Dave's house to cook Sunday dinner. We brought over the fixings for lasagna, Cesar salad, garlic bread and some killer chocolate cake. Yummers! Heathers girls helped me put together the lasagna while they were dressed up for their Princess academy in their formal dresses. Then I was the guest of honor at the ball in the living room. Just makes me want to give into DJ's request to have all girls.

For dinner we had Rochelle and her son Chase and Jamie and Britton join us. The girls ended up having an impromptu beauty party right after dinner where Jamie and DJ were given an entire make over - you know you're jealous! After we stuffed ourselves with chocolate cake the ladies took us out to the living room and preformed a series of dance routines for us, with costume changes and all. It was so much fun to see all their distinct personalities come out in their dances. Too much fun!!!!!!!

We were given the privilege to stay for family scripture study. I just love getting to read the scriptures with such a strong family, it brings such a wonderful spirit. Plus it is so great to have Dave there when you have questions - :-) Such a great time! Thanks Dave, Heather, and the fair princesses Ives.


Toni said...

Fun times!! I love the stickles on your "stockings were hung board". Too cute!

The Gardner Fam! said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! I'm so sad I missed the Super Saturday on Friday night!

Sunday dinner sounded delicious!! And, from the description, I don't think you can't beat the entertainment!! :o) Hope you left a good tip!! *wink

Amie said...

Too cute! Your projects look great and what an adorable picture of Heather! It sounds like you had such a nice Sunday. =)

Sher said...

hey girl!!! i'm a blogger too! geez, i dunno, my head was in the clouds, i should've gone to the Super Friday activity... grrr.

heather said...

you are very welcomeQueen Christine! I have to put the picture of DJ all done up on the blog.

heather said...

you are very welcomeQueen Christine! I have to put the picture of DJ all done up on the blog.