Monday, September 3, 2007

What a weekend!

Just have to share about my super awesome weekend. Hold onto your britches this may be a long one.

Friday night: DJ called and told me at about 1pm that he was getting off at 4pm so we could hang out together. Woo-hoo. Told him that I had a crop with the girls that night but they would understand if I was a little late. So go to the grocery store and some home to the hot house where I don't really feel like cooking but oh well we gotta eat right? We had been expecting Shawn Haught to stop by since he was made our home teacher again and he just found out on the night of the 30th, and he really wanted to visit us before months end. Well Friday was months end lol. So just as I'm beginning to pull stuff out for dinner DJ calls Shawn to find out his ETA. Next thing I hear we're going to dinner with the Haught's and the Pressley's. Supper cool!. We went and tried out a little Mexican place about 5 minutes away and had a great time. Then back to the Haught's for our lesson. So amazing! Shawn shared with us some principles that were amazing. We discussed how there have been so many times that Heavenly Father could have just fixed things for man but because of our gift of agency and the fact that he is a just God if there is something that can be done of man then it must be done by man. Shawn obviously explained that better then me but none the less it was an amazing lesson. Then Shawn and TJ left to Globe and DJ and I got to go hang a bit with Summer and Jaime. Supper fun, we played a little dominoes and gabbed a bit. Then it was time to say adieu and I was off to the crop. I got there at 10pm and there were still 7 ladies at Amie's house. I got my card stuff out and started to play. We had such an great time all chatting and looking at each others work (I'm a dork and left my camera at home, you'll have to check out Amie's blog to see what she did, love the snowflake LO). We took turns holding the newborn baby that was there with her momma. Oh she was so yummy to hold, just snuggled right it (can you tell yet I didn't get much done on my cards?) About 12:30 people started to drift out and the remaining deviants grabbed some ice cream sandwiches and headed to the couches. We had so much fun talking about Edward from the Twilight series, and our favorite TV shows and ex boyfriends and Funyuns and Anne of Green Gables and movies and actors and babies (get the picture? we like to talk :-). Next thing we knew it was 3am! Holy cow! But it was a great talk, thanks Amie, Carrie and Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday: Robyn came over with her friend Ron to visit our dog Roxi who use to be they're dog Roxi. It was great to see the both of them and hang out for a while. Then I worked on cards and watched a bunch of movies all day. Loved every minute of it! I decided to try a new card on for size using transparencies instead of card stock. I stamped flowers in yellow, it's really cute. You'll have to talk to me about card club to see it hehehe. I had just got a ton of movies from the library and watched an bunch of my favorites like, Riding in Cars With Boys, The Devil Wears Prada, Bridget Jones Diary and Along Came Polly. It was a thoroughly relaxing day!

Sunday: We ran off to church at 10 am. It was fast and Testimony meeting. I love to hear all the sweet Testimonies, it really strengthens my love for the families in my ward. I always feel closer to people after hearing their love for the Lord and their families. Such a good meeting. Then we had a great Sunday School lesson on Exaltation, followed by a very moving lesson in Relief Society. We left church all energized and happy!
Ran home and started cooking for Sunday night dinner at the Pressley's. We were bringing my red curry chicken to the feast. I had so much fun with DJ cooking. I love to cook with him because we get to share some great talks while we cook. It's that time just for us. Love it. Then after we finished we went over to the Pressley's and met up with the Haught's and the Chowdhury's. Oh my goodness we ate so much yummy food. Carrie brought Thai green beans, so good. Summer made a salad with this dressing she gets from a restaurant close to her work called Flo's, it's this yummy ginger miso dressing that I could and did use as a dipping sauce. Oh so yummy. Then we topped it off with Pumpkin pie, which means Fall is right around the corner, WOO-HOO my favorite time of year. We had a long talk about our favorite restaurants and food. It was a great time!
Then at 6pm we broke and got ready for the Fireside DJ and I were talking at that night. We ran picked up the missionaries and drove out to Peoria. It was a great experience, my second Fireside talk and DJ's first. Can I please just take a minute and say that my husband amazed me when he spoke. For those of you who knew DJ from back in CA you would probably agree with me that the thought of him public speaking would create visions of a nervous man who most likely would have fainted at the door. Well he spoke first and was calm cool and did a great job. He shared his Testimony and his conversion story and it was so neat to see him and how much he has grown in these past few months. Love him! I did pretty good, didn't cry until the end this time :-) I figure though that the day I don't cry I need to work on stuff since that's one of the ways that the Spirit moves me. I also got to see my Sister Barlow! I love that girl more then chocolate cake. She's the most amazing chick on the planet. I got up and started talking and then looked out and saw her smiling face, my heart skipped a second cause it's been a year since I've seen her and I really bonded to her when she was here. Got to hug her like 10 times then she had to go back to the work.
After we took the missionaries home we all ran and changed then ran back to the Pressley's for some game time. So much fun! TJ made yummy hot wings and we stayed up talking and playing games until quarter to midnight. Holy Cow so much stinkin fun.

I have to say that I just love having all these amazing people in our lives right now. Both DJ and I finally feel like we have a home and while we miss our CA friends daily we really feel like we have blossomed into our AZ family here. We are so thankful to everyone who loves us for us and we are so looking forward to the future with our friends!!!!!!


Amie said...

What a great weekend you two had! I could comment on it all but it would end up being an essay rather than a comment!

We're so glad to have met you and have you in our ward family! =)

Jaime said...

I am so glad that we shared some of the weekend together!! You and DJ are so much fun and we are glad to have you as freinds. Thanks for sharing all your yummy food! You (and DJ) are quite good chefs! I hear that tripole is in the mix for this weekend too!! YES!!!