Friday, September 14, 2007


Do you have a talent that brings you joy and fulfilment? I do. In fact I have two (not bragging, just stating facts) and they are wasting away. I'm bursting with desire to be creative and use my gifts but the world just won't let me. Seems every time I get to dust myself off and start going strong I get knocked back down. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This isn't a pity party, instead it's a challenge to let your friends use their talents. And if you have a talent that you haven't shared, break through the silence and tell the world what you're good at so we can help you reach your dreams.

**edit - really not a pity party! I keep finding out about people in my life that have these amazing talents and I have been hearing them say that they feel like no one will let them use their talents. It really makes me sad to see good gifts not being used. Just really want to challenge people to put themselves out there. And while thinking about it all I had realised I was letting the world get in the way of me getting some of my gifts out there. So my final thought - don't let yourself get discouraged, tell the world to back off and share what you have with everyone! Happy Friday!


Amie said...

oh no...does this mean that photography is not working out the way you want? *tear* Don't give up!!!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

You forgot to share your talents! I don't know what your talents are. I know you like to scrap, cook, and do photography but are they your hobby or talent?
I know someone looking for a wedding photographer for an engagement session and for Jan 5th (wedding) if your available!
If you catch wind of someone with a floral arranging talent...let me know.

I am not really sure what my talents are. I use to think I could sing (was in choir for years even had to audition) till someone told me it was like nails on a chalkboard, I like to do interior design, scrap, take pictures, and organize things. But, pretty sure they are just hobbies.

Natalie said...

you have lots and lots of talents!!! more than just two! which two were you talking about???

Amie said...