Monday, September 17, 2007


People, this is a thing of beauty!!!!!!!!

Today Sep 17 Partly Cloudy 95°/72°

Tue Sep 18 Sunny 97°/74°

Wed Sep 19 Sunny 98°/73°

Thu Sep 20 Mostly Sunny 95°/72°

Fri Sep 21 Partly Cloudy 93°/70°

Sat Sep 22 Partly Cloudy 95°/73°

Sun Sep 23 Partly Cloudy 95°/75°

Mon Sep 24 Cloudy 99°/77°

I'm loving the cooler weather, which means more fall recipes. Stay tuned for a new feature on the blog hopefully coming up this week. Gonna be awesome.


Amie said...

so funny that we're totally excited about 90 degree temps. Other places DIE in that kind of heat! I had my doors and windows open this morning! love it!