Monday, September 17, 2007

2 Peas and some dinner

So Saturday night was the 2 Peas crop downtown Phoenix at the Hilton. We had such a good time. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten back into scrapping. I always thought that since I don’t have children I would run out of things to scrap, but I been having fun scrapping all sorts of photos from the early years of life.
We all car pooled out to Phx and our night started off with excitement right from the get go. Natalie was making a comment about something she forgot and I thought she said she forgot her photo’s so I say “Oh my gosh Natalie did you forget your photo’s?” to which she tells me that she was talking about something else, but yes now that she thinks about it her photos are sitting on the kitchen counter. That was nothing compared to me telling everyone that I’m taking them to a safe part of town to go to the Circle K for drinks and we pull up right as 3 squad cars pull up because the Circle K had just been hit by beer thieves. Oy!
Then we had to try and find the hotel with the wrong address. The announcement had stated that the Hotel was 10 E Thomas and it was actually 1 E Thomas, only a ten street difference. LOL. We finally arrived an hour after the crop started, but we had so much fun none of it mattered!!!!!!!!!
I got 3 layouts done, one was a double page. I’ll post them tonight. I have like 5 more kits ready and I can’t wait to get it all done.
I just love my girls. We have so much fun together; it’s like being back in those teenage years, but without a curfew. It was awesome to see miss Casey Lu again, super sweet chick! Thanks Jenna and Kelly for the fun at the crop it was great getting to know you and I look forward to the next time! And a huge thanks to my peps Carrie, Amie and Natalie. I just love having ya’ll in my life and I’m so excited for the future. In the words of Amie, YEEHAW!

Sunday was also great. We had a amazing lesson in Relief Society about marriage. It just reaffirmed to me how precious a solid marriage is and how much more I have to work on in mine. I left feeling more empowered that I can make the changes I need to in my own life. Then we went over to the Ives’ house for Sunday dinner with the missionaries. We had a great message shared with us about love. Again great thoughts and so much more I can do to make life more about meaningful relationships then my own selfishness. We had some wonderful conversation over dinner and DJ got to fill up on his kid time. He really is in his element when he gets to hang with the kids. He’s gonna be a great dad if we ever get the chance. We got to stay for family scripture study too, which was awesome! I have never been able to do that with a family and really get to feel the Spirit with the children. It was so cool to get to hear their voices reading the scriptures and instead of only wanting to read a little bit they all just kept going on reading until Heather had to say it was the next persons turn. I can only hope that I can raise my children, if blessed with them, to be so excited for the gospel. Loved it all! Thanks again Ives family. Muuwahh!


Amie said...

we are HOT


So bummed I missed that RS lesson. (sigh)

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Glad I got to see you again at the crop! Your so awesome and those snowmen were the CUTEST!!! Had a blast at the crop! Sounds like it was a great lesson and such a wonderful dinner and scripture time! Such a wonderful feeling being surrounded by friends and the spirit!

heather said...

ahhh thank you so much! So i am not a total failure?? AHHH. You are welcome any time. We love you so much.