Friday, July 13, 2007

New tag

Amie tagged us all so here I go............

What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was 17 and going into my senior year of high school. That was a rough summer for me. Lots of friends had just graduated and moved away to college. Several of my friends who were still in high school had been making bad decisions so I had to make some tough choices about loyalty verses personal safety. I was editor of the yearbook, working as a photo lab tech and photographer. I had met DJ and we were great friends but would not be officially dating until Nov of 1997. My relationship with my parents was very strained, but by the end of the year things would be much better.

What were you doing one year ago?
One year ago DJ and I were staying with my parents after moving to AZ. I was preparing for my baptism. We were starting to look for houses. And we were preparing for our vacation to Disneyland for Halloween.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Chips and salsa
2. almonds
3. popcorn
4. sugar snap peas
5. strawberries

Five songs you know all the lyrics to.
1. "The way I am" Ingrid Micheaelson
2. "Big Yellow Taxi" Counting Crows
3. "Turn it Upside Down" Jack Johnson
4. "Just to See You Smile" Tim McGraw
5. "My Immortal" Evanescence

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
I would pay off the house
landscape the yards
put in a pool
hire a chef and personal trainer
get a great fertility doctor
put DJ through school
travel to England

Five bad habits:
1. Going to the negative side of an issue too fast
2. Comparing myself to others
3. Impulse buying stuff we don't really need
4. Eating late at night
5. Procrastinating jobs I don't enjoy, like filing the bills or scrubbing the bathrooms

Five things you like to do:
1. Go to the movies
2. Scrapbook and make cards
3. Go on dates with my hunny
4. Take pictures
5. Road trips to anywhere

Things you will never wear again?
High heals. I am an inch taller then my hubby barefoot, so my beautiful 3 inch heal boots stay in the closet. Well part of the reason is also my current weight no one wants to see an orange walking on toothpicks.

Shorts. I have no desire to wear anything that goes above the knee. Again it's all a weight issue.

Pantyhose. Amie said it all; AZ heat and lycra, nuff said.

Five favorite toys:
1. My computers
2. All my scrappy toys
3. Camera
4. Hair Straightener
5. Cuisinart

Where will you be in ten years?
In ten years I will be 37. I hope to be a mother. DJ will have his degree. I hope to have my health completely under control and feel much better. If those things happen I will be truly happy.

If you feel so inclined please tag yourself and tell me when you do so I can read your answers!


Amie said...

Thanks for playing!!!!!!

Casey Lu said...

You and I have a lot of the same things in common! Very interesting. I am going to tag myself. :) I really enjoyed scrapping with you two Friday's ago! Thanks for coming! :)

Mrs. Matkin said...

Thanks for posting about all my layouts. I feel like I'm starting to get into a funk about it (you know, hating your own work). I'm not as devoted as you though!!! Fifteen layouts! HOLY COW!! I'm also running out of challenges... what will I do??? :)