Friday, December 5, 2008

Date night achieved and other fun stuff

DJ and I finally got to go on our date night tonight. We went out to the Surprise Party and watched the hot air balloons get up in the air, saw the sky divers land in the dark from 4000 feet up and enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display. We shared a yummy bag of hot fresh kettle corn and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then he took me over to the Golden Spoon for some dessert, mmmmmmmm mint frozen yogurt and chocolate chips, perfect. We came back to the house and watched a favorite - The Chronicles of Narnia (I bawl everytime Aslin sacrafices himself, in the theater the little girl next to me kept asking her mom if I was ok, lol). All in all it was a wonderful night that I loved, too bad the camera battery was dead and I didn't realize it =< We had a wonderful time talking about the baby and our thoughts on all sorts of stuff - we just really connected which was so nice

Tommorrow we get to go to a baptism, do a little grocery shopping then I'm going to my mom's for a girls night with some friends and DJ is heading off to a good friend's house to enjoy a little testosterone fest watching the fight. It will be a packed day, but I should be able to stay off my feet for most of it so I can tell the doc when he asks on Tuesday that I followed the rules.

Baby Caden had the hicups today for an hour, poor thing. It was fun to feel but I did feel sorry for him after a while. I only have two more weeks until I'm considered full term enough to have him. I'm gonna try to be a good girl and just let nature take it's course but I'm very tempted eat a habenaro pepper while jumping on Amie's trampoline to encourage this little man to join the world. He dropped about 6 weeks ago and I do believe I learned a new appreciation for the word unfomfortable, lol. But on the positive side I've not had heartburn related to him being high, only when I don't eat regularly and I've not had that can't catch my breath feeling that some of my girlfriends have told me about. My blood sugars have started to give me a bit of problem, but that was to be expected at this point in the pregnancy. For the most part they have been in great control and my A1c's (a test that registers your past 3 month average of your blood sugars, good control is 7 and pregnancy goal should be 6) have been 5.3 and 5.7. My doc is very pleased. He's also pleased with my weight gain, drum rool please..............a total of 1 pound at this point, lol. He keeps shaking his head and laughing cause I'm on a good dose of steroids for my arthritis and I should have gained a ton of weight. He laughs and tells me that he gains weight just writing my perscription for the stuff and that I will actually leave the hospital lighter then when I got pregnant. I told DJ that had I know having babies would help me lose weight I'd have been begging Heavenly Father for this a long time ago and he would be raising a football team!

And speaking of babies I'm super excited because after not being sucessful getting any of the 3 photographers I know booked I was able to book a maternity shoot with a photographer that my mom works with. Her name is Nancy and she's lovely and artsy and very talented. I'm very excited to try her out. She also is extremly talented with blown glass and beeding. I've seen some pieces my mom has received as gifts from her and I'm just in love with the beauty of the glass. I am going to get her website information so I can share it with you all, it's just so very yummy.
Then I was also able to schedule a newborn shoot and in March a family shoot with Kylie of Next Step Photography. She's Julie's sister in law and I really like her style. It will be so weird to get to let go and have someone else be in charge of the photography. DJ and I haven't had a shoot that is just us in a actual portrait session since 2003, the first offical pictures of us as a couple was the wonderful pictures Heather took at our sealing, can you believe that? Shame on me. Well it has been a combinaton of things that caused the delay but really that is way too long. Anyways was able to check those items right off the list - woo hoo!

And I booked a few Jobs myself. I took some family photos for my girl Amie & my co-worker Nichole. I have a maternity shoot for Casey coming up and a wedding in June. I'm going to start up again with weddings as of March and family shoots as of Febuary. I have to get a bit of research to get done on some advertising options so that I can make my little business better. In CA I booked a ton of jobs but out here I've not pushed the business very much cause I was a bit burnt out after 30+ weddings in one year, yikes! But with this little baby on the way and the very real chance that I will be out of a job come July of this year and if not 08 then 09 is looking very very likely with the state of the Surprise budget I need something in place for sure. So if anyone is looking for weddings and such I'm here, just give me a call. My studio lighting is going to be here soon and of course there is always outside.

Went and finished the shopping for the baby too. We got a ton of clothes and I mean a ton of clothes for the shower and through a huge donation from Casey Lu and Amie. Seriously the kid will be just fine until about a year old! So DJ and I were able to go out and get all the bottles, pacifiers, bath stuff, crib bedding, blankets, moniter, diaper bag and all the odds and ends of babydom. It was fun and we were blessed by my BIL & SIL giving us some $ so we could afford it all! I had so much fun shopping for the little man and everything really started to get real putting the stuff away => My mom came over and we sorted all the clothes by size and washed everything and got it hung up and folded, seriously baby laundry is just so much fun to do (I know, I say that now. lol). There are so many things that I can't wait to put him in!

This week coming up has all sorts of fun activities we are signed up for; a work holiday brunch, the drive we've been doing for the west valley crisis center is done and we get to deliver the goods, Heather and Dave's Christmas party - have to get my gift still and decide what yummy dessert I'm bringing, another baptism and my hunny and I are planning a night to finish the nursery. I can do everything from teh sitting position too, woohoo! It's gonna be a good week I can tell!

Ok this was seriously longer than I planned and I have to sign off so we can read tonights portion of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, a new tradition we started this year we read 10 pages a night starting Dec 1st and it should be done christmas eve - love that story, hopefully we can keep this tradition up!

Happy weekend all =>


Christine #2 said...

Love you!!!! Can't wait for Caden!!!!

Sher said...

I love what you said about eating a habenero and jumping on the you are so hilarious! i couldn't help but visualize that! thanks for the comment. Yes, we are both excited for a lil' princess to be in our family. I'm so excited to do the nursery! we still need to plan our glendale glitter night with Robyn!

Amie said...

wow, what a nice long update! I was at the surprise party last night too! We left about half an hour before the fireworks started though, we'd been there from 6:30-7:30 and that's about all I could do without Danny.

I'm glad you're planning more photo shoots. You can do it! I can't wait to see the ones of you, too!

Have fun with the Christmas Carol. I don't think I've ever read it.

Rae Lynn said...

I am so excited that you are starting to pick up your photography! I had a blast working with you as I'm sure all of your clients do! So exciting that your little one is almost here...I cannot believe it! No more sleeping in after a full day of shoots! :)

Jenna said...

I have a gift for you! I will try to get it to you before he makes his way into the world!

Teri said...

wow that was a long post! lots of updates love it!! and as for baby laundry, you may find yourself in the next 6-8 months crying as you do the laundry, remembering how small your little one was.... yes I know from experience. cant wait to see caden! and 1 pound??? seriously??? hmm I would say lucky you if I didnt know all you've been through!! oh and yes I am working on a quilt for your little one..... feverishly!!