Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Countdown - Edited

Well I'm in my last official week of being a person with no children. Doc scheduled my induction for Tuesday the 30th in the early afternoon. Our hopes are that I will have a son by the 31st. I'm experiencing tons of emotions that I didn't expect to be feeling. Bed rest sucks, pretty much just as bad as it did earlier in the pregnancy. Spending several hours a day all alone can get really hard especially with all these extra emotions and hormones running through me. I've had one visitor and my girl Amie calls to check on me, but that's pretty much it. The other morning at the doc's office I got to talk with Shelly from my old ward, which was lovely. I miss her even though she only lives a few miles away.

So tonight is Christmas Eve and DJ and I were trying to think of something to do to celebrate the holiday. I will totally admit it's been very hard for me to get into the holiday spirit this year. No family activities planned, no shopping or baking to do, no money to really enjoy any of the holiday events, didn't even make it to the Temple to see the lights. It's been even harder to not have anyone visit or call. The first year we were in the house and the ward people stopped by and the phone rang, the second year had been less but we still felt the warmth of well wishes, this year we've had one visitor and not one call or well wish besides my two girlfriends Amie and Chris. It's made it very hard for me to want to be jolly since I equate the holiday with being around people. So I told DJ last night I needed to bake some cookies cause I didn't want become a total hum-bug and he told me that we'd pack into the car and drive around and look at Christmas lights with the cookies and some hot coco tonight, woohoo. Then he surprised me and said he saved a bit of money from a while back and was going to take me to the movies tomorrow morning. I'm really excited to be out of the house, he treats me so well, seriously he's the best present ever =>

Ok well I'm off to go start dinner. When you can only be on your feet 10 minutes at a time you have to start cooking early or it just never gets done, sigh. And I'm trying to make double dishes so I can freeze one serving for next week when the little one gets here so poor DJ won't end up cooking every night. I have not been that successful at this goal as my current culinary ventures have been cheese sandwiches and meals from mom. Oh but gooey cheese is just so yummy right now.....mmmmmmm.......think that's what I'll do for lunch today.

I wish everyone a safe and spirit filled Merry Christmas. If you are traveling please be safe in the crazy weather that's out there right now. After the holiday I'll post the pictures of Caden's nursery.

Yikes I don't want people to think I was complaining about people not stopping by making me sad. It was/is more of the fact that I can't make my cookies and hundreds of truffles and drive around and give them out so that I got my fill of holiday time friends. Totally understand with Christmas mid week and traveling people are all out with family. But thank you for the happy comments and emails and calls, don't worry I know I know I'm loved and I love all of you very much too. Just was lamenting being stuck in the house - but it's so worth it for him to be happy and healthy!


Teri said...

oh christine I hope you have a nice relaxing christmas!!! Our prayers are with you to be blessed with a healthy baby boy!! I'm sure your excited... and I worked on your quilt today!! SO even though I didnt stop by, I am thinking about ya!!! have a happy day :)

Casey Lu said...

I know exactly how your feeling right now. I have found myself being not fully in the Christmas spirit this year. Doesn't help I could go to Prescott to see family as we have done every year my entire life. I called your cell last night to chat with you. I hope you have a great day! Luv ya & Merry Christmas!

Amie said...

I'll totally bring you dinner the one of the nights you're home from the hospital if you just wait until I get back, ok? Just plan on it. =)

Sorry you haven't had too many visitors--hard time of year, people are distracted, family is in town, they're out of town, etc.

Don't get's almost done. Then you'll have an awesome baby to parade around and you can walk and get up and shop and bake and clean and sing and dance and snuggle and do the hokeypokey and turn yourself around.

Cuz that's what it's all about.