Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful, updates and some other stuff

I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day! Mine was exhausting but just delightful. DJ and I cooked all the side dishes for the feast at my mothers house. We did pretty well too, only one scuffle in the kitchen and only one of the cats got stepped on. Not bad for me being 8.5 months pregnant.

We went over to my mom's house and met my grandparents, my uncle, aunt, 2 of their 4 boys and my in-laws. The Wii was rolling and food was everywhere. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the nice break in the storms then back inside for a little football action. Good times.

I challenged myself to come up with some things I'm thankful for outside of the normal list toppers and I settled on these:
-for being raised with a belief and recognition of what the holiday season is really about and not having any connection of that joyful feeling to how many presents are under the tree. With so many conversations around me on a daily basis these days being about how sad people are that they can't afford a bunch of gifts I have grown more thankful for how careful my parents were that I never had my focus on the number of gifts but instead the family and the time together.
-For the pregnancy being almost over, which means that I can start to recover and hopefully get healthy again soon so I can be with Caden a long time.
-For a husband who is so excited to be a dad that he can't talk about anything else, sings and reads scriptures and Dr. Seuss to my belly. And for how he has loved me with ultimate devotion and never once has he complained about my needing his help at 2am, or when he has a migraine or the flu, or when it was his first day off in weeks. I'm truly blessed.
-For parents who put off their own retirement by at least 5 years to help us with the 25K in unexpected expenses, and bills they paid off so we could afford child care and DJ could take this new job that cut his pay by a 1/3 but gives him the opportunity to be home nights and weekends. And they did it all without us asking - true quiet service and love. Seriously I have the best parents on the planet.
-For 3 of the best girlfriends anyone could ever ask for, who have helped me laugh through the hardest year of my entire life. There are no words for the feeling of being loved in spite of all my many faults, thanks!
-And finally for the absolute miracle of modern medicine. Without it I would not have made it this far and have only 5 weeks until I meet my son.

So looks like we will have the nursery done in 2 days! Ya. I can't wait to see it all ready for him to come home. My aunt brought over the family's bassinet and moses basket. They have held 3 generations of my mom's family in them. We didn't even know they still existed cause Kim's youngests are 16 year old twins. I can wait to clean them up and get them ready too.

My refrigerator died yesterday so today I had the pleasure of getting up and going to Sears and buying a new fridge. Yikes! I literally paid off the last credit card on Tuesday night, stupid Murphy's law! The new one will be here tomorrow some time between 9 and 9. Woo hoo!

And finally I have decided to sign myself off for a while. I have this problem saying no to people and will just let my free time be given away. My husband usually gets left behind while I run around and try and make everyone else happy. I have realized that we only have days left that it will be just the two of us (my selfish side is still a bit sad about this) and I have decided to devote myself to just hanging out with him and being just us. So before I have people stopping me in the halls at church and texting me that I'm never around I thought that I would let you all know why I may not be accepting offers for nights out or special events. Please know that it has nothing to do with you and in about 6 months I'll be totally ready for a night out =)

Well I'm off to go put up my Christmas tree and make my house all merry while the 22lb day after turkey cooks in my oven (totally spoiling my hubby with his very own turkey, it's his favorite thing in the whole wide world). Then we are going to have a date tonight, the first one in over 2 years, he's totally due, can't wait to surprise him!


Christine #2 said...

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amie said...

Love you dittos. =) Question: How cool is your new fridge? I'm totally jealous!! Observation: you said you'd be ready for company again in 6 months...I'm gonna predict closer to 6 weeks, lol! (or maybe 8-10) You'll be dieing to get outta that house. ;)

heather said...

you deserve a break! So happy for you!!!

Casey Lu said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love all the things your thankful for, most of all that your parents taught you that Christmas isn't all about the presents, I am hoping that I can teach my children that and that they GET IT at some point down the road, right now they don't seem to but I'm hoping.
Aww, so your nursery is done?! I so would of loved to help! Did you take pictures? I can't wait to see it! Mine is still sitting for the time being. So sorry your fridge died but glad you were able to get a new one!
So sad to hear your signing yourself off for a little while, but totally understand. With one darling baby, it won't feel like all your time with DJ will be gone it is when you have two or more in diapers that it goes south, so you will be alright. You both will be so in love with Caden when he arrives you won't mind showering all your attention to him for the most part. Though like Amie said in a few weeks you will need a little break and miss having some girl time!

April said...

Christine, that was about the sweetest, most simple blog I've ever read. You said so many special things that it just brought tears to my eyes. From what I've seen and heard, you are an amazing woman!