Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photo tag

So I'm finally doing the phototag that my girl Amie tagged me with over a week ago. Why am I able to do this tag you ask? Simply because I have the best friends on the entire face of the planet. Amie and Toni showed up at my door on Tuesday night at 8:30 and asked if I wanted some company, which was a wonderful treat after 12 hours of being alone. I of course said yes but warned them that my place was a disaster as I opened my security door and it was then that I saw that they had brought cleaning supplies with them. I literally started crying right then and there. These amazing girls cleaned my entire house and I am so thankful for their service, friendship and love. Thank you again ladies =) I love you both bunches right back!
So here goes the photo tag - My kitchen sink.

My closet - hubby's side cause the door blocks my side - which is actually cleaner, lol.

The master toilet.
The lovely laundry room with all the crud that piles up there.

My favorite room - mainly because it's the only room that's almost done.

See my little chair rest station lol.
The fridge, which looks full but is actually empty. Crazy how that happens huh?

My favorite shoes that you'll never see me wear because they make me 6 foot 1 inch tall and my 5 foot 8 inch hubby has banned them from existence. Oh but they look so cute on with my black mermaid skirt.
And here's a photo of my kid kicking back on his/her vicodin high. The little peanut wouldn't sit still and was moving all over the place for Monday's ultrasound so the tech had to work really hard to get a good reading on the back of the baby's neck for the downs syndrome test, which after 15 minutes of trying looked totally normal, woo hoo. The heart rate was at a steady 158 and the little one is measuring 2 inches. I totally laughed every time the baby hopped around and DJ ended up getting really emotional. It was a great experience, can't wait to see the little one in person.
So we are trying prednesone for the arthritis and the vicodin is going to be around for a long time. I feel very strongly at next Tuesday's appointment my Doctor is going to pull me out of work for the rest of the pregnancy, which scares me but I'm ok with it as long as the baby is healthy. Thanks again for all the kind words and prayers, they have been a huge blessing and very appreciated. I'll keep you all posted as things develop. =)


Christine said...

*tears* look at that beautiful baby!!! Don't be too proud to ask the Bishop for help. That's what he's there for. You'll make it through if the doc takes you off work.

Toni said...

Yaaay! Love the favorite shoes. I could wear them cause Brent's almost a foot taller than me, but I'd probably break my ankle trying to walk in them.

Aren't ultra sounds awesome. It's so fun to get to see the different stages. Your peanut is now a mushroom. :)

Amie said...

We were happy to help! And yes, those shoes ROCK!! I wish I wore your size. *wink* What an awesome ultrasound! I'm glad the important things are going your way. =)

Jaime said...

ahhh... your little baby is growing! I hope your meds keep working, and you just hang in there girl!!

Jenna said...

I've gotta say the ultrasound pic is my favorite--adorable!

Natalie said...

that is a FABULOUS ultrasound pic! I love when you can see baby instead of a bunch of squibbles. :)

Sher said...

what a BEAUTIFUL site to see! Yay! I will keep praying for you!