Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smells like updog in here......

Well not really, actually it smells like new wood floors. And aside from one finishing aspect of the floors that I'm not really fond of (the rest of my family loves them and says I'm just touchy right now, hrmph, whatever) I do love them so, we really shall be best of friends I can tell.

I can't wait to show you the final products. I would take pictures but aside from my bed and this one computer all my stuff, including my camera, is shoved into the dinning room behind all the furniture that usually occupies my house. Oh but the floors are so yummy and my house is really becoming my house.

So other then that not much is going on. I have my next ultrasound tomorrow, yikes. I get very nervous about these. This one is to determine the due date and rule out twins (my dad is a twin and there are several twins in the family line so we have been told)-----(Amie stop chanting twins, twins, twins). I'll fill ya all in tomorrow night.

I'm getting super excited for the big day on Saturday! I tried on my beautiful, amazing & much anticipated temple dress last week and it fit perfectly ----up to the new and quite expanded chest area. Sigh. I'm of course totally ok with that given the miracle that cause my uppers to grow, but that dress was so perfect to be sealed in, c'est la via.

So for right now I'm just enjoying my new house, trying not to freak out that I will have guests here on Friday night and nothing will be put back into place, and praying hourly that tomorrow I will get to see a little tiny fluttering fetal heartbeat.

Oh and just so you don't have to read a picture less post, here are some recent photos from a shoot with a co-workers daughter and niece. I really can't wait to learn photoshop so I can enhance these for real. All I've been able to do so far is mess with the fill lighting and a bit of the color saturation. Yes the eyes on Nevaeh are for real and they are that color blue, all I did was lighten the photo. She is just the most precious baby around, very snugly.


Christine said...

I'm so excited for Saturday too! I'm even leaving a Primary Quarterly Activity so my buns will be in Mesa in time. Twins? Wow, that would be crazy! I can't wait to check out your floors, I would love to do that! BTW, that's for the comment on my blog. Yes, I think he does understand, I could see it on Sunday when I bore my testimony about it (he would pass out with fear if he had to go up there, but I knew he wanted to)

Amie said...

wow, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!