Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Buyer Beware - Home Depot --- And a baby update

I currently hate Home Depot. The molding between the new wood floors and the baseboards did not look like I thought it should have based on what the lady at Home Depot had described to us. So when the installation company called to see how things were going and if I was happy with the floors I ha to be honest. I told them that I loved the floors but the molding did not appear to match the description of what the lady had said. We talked and I soon found out that the lady at Home Depot was completely wrong and in fact had failed to go over the additional flooring options with us, one of which was to have the flooring meet the white baseboards without additional molding, which is what I would have picked hands down. So I talk to the installer about options that could be taken care of at a later date that I may like better and how they could do the job whenever we were ready and we could talk prices then too, if we decided to go that route. Then Tim the installer tells me to give Home Depot a call and let them know that I was made aware of the other options that should have been presented and tell them you are unhappy with their lack of communication. He says this is happening a lot lately and see if they will credit you back the cost of the moulding that you obviously would not have bought. Good idea I decide, thank Tim and call Home Depot.

They tell me they would need to contact the installer to discuss how the work order was written up. I get a call back about an hour later and Paul from Home Depot informs me that Tim, my buddy, tells him that he gave DJ the option on Monday morning to install new white baseboards and DJ said to just install it the way the work order reads so therefore Home Depot is off the hook. Well poor Paul failed to realize how fired up an irritable pregnant woman who just paid $6000 for a floor that she is not fully happy with can get. I keep him on the cell phone and call from my desk phone my husband and confirm he did not have that option an then confirm with Tim that he never gave him that option, rather he told DJ that should have been an option Home Depot presented.

So I talk to the Assistant Store Manager Jeff (AKA worlds largest butt-head) who tells me that there is nothing he's gonna do but investigate with the store clerk who wrote up the order then call me back sometime tomorrow afternoon. I inform Jeff that the idea of an installer who has no product to sell giving DJ the option to change a work order to reflect new baseboards is asinine and we both know that's a lame call on Home Depot's behalf. I tell him I'm not looking for anything free, I'm actually telling you that had the option been given for new white baseboards I would have taken it - and that's the more expensive option! Jeff cops attitude with me then says he will call back tomorrow. I'm miffed but dealing with the thoughts of not perfect but at least a ton better then before floors are just fine for now.

I get home to find out that the installers didn't finish the job. They packed up and left without any of the rooms finished because Home Depot called and told them I said to stop! I was in disbelief and started crying - I have 6 people coming into town this weekend and 3-4 of them were going to stay with us, and my house is torn apart and the floors aren't finished. I call Home Depot and inquire why the job was stopped unfinished and am told that they have no idea what I'm talking about. So I kindly (not really) tell them that the installers told us they were instructed to stop working. Finally the guy - Jeff - AKA jerky - tells us that they obviously stopped the job because why would they have the installers put down product they were going to have to rip up? So I convey to them that I never gave a stop work order, I never said I expected them to come in and do the floors differently because I knew I couldn't afford that right now, and why would anyone want their floors left undone?

So he has no answers. I have blue tape and unfinished edges, a kitchen and guest bathroom full of my furniture and other stuff that I can't put away because the floors aren't done so they might shift with too much use until the molding is attached. And I have guests coming into town in 48 hours. The installers book a few weeks out so best bet is end of June. $6000 apparently gets you treated poorly and unfinished work at Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow - and to make things worse I can't really get to my kitchen all that well to cook. A normal person could just order a pizza and cry into cheesy toppings, not me I have to watch every little thing I eat so this is actually really a huge deal in my little world. Grrrrrrrrrrr

It almost takes the smile off my face that was put there earlier when I went to my ultrasound and got to see the little baby and his/her little fluttering heartbeat going about 141 beats per minute. Oh and the relief that there was just one heartbeat. So I'm officially measuring at 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I'm officially due (as of right now) January 20th - 2 days before my birthday =) The Dr said things look great so even thought stupid Home Depot tried they couldn't totally destroy my day. But whoa nelly did I see how crazy emotional I can me with these hormones running through my body - yikes.

3 more days - until eternity - and our forever family!!!!!!!!!!!!


Toni said...

Oh Christine, I'm so sorry to hear about your floors. Can't they just send someone out tomorrow to finish the job? I have a guest bedroom and a kitchen that you are more than welcome to use this weekend if you need to.

Christine said...

That is just horrible! I am so sorry they are messing up a time that needs to be as stress-free as it can be, so you will enjoy your temple day and your baby. Squeel! I so love that you are preggo. Makes me a little jealous :) Isn't fun that you get to make someone jealous? Okay, it shouldn't be fun, but you know what I mean. See you on Saturday! Sorry I can only come for the sealing...dang Primary activity!

Jenna said...

I'm so excited you saw a healthy little heartbeat!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. Yay!

Amie said...

so sorry about the floors. so frustrating!! So are you putting all your furniture back...or...? Ugh! Super duper triple ugh!! Poor thing!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

I am so sorry that HD ruined your day! I am very shocked that they handled it that way considering I use to work for HD! I can't believe(yet do) they did all that! I hope that it works out! I would call the store manager after your special weekend and either demand that it is finished this next week or you want all your money refunded and go elsewhere! You should never have been treated that way!!!!!! I am so sorry! Congrats on your baby!!! I am will hopefully see you on the 13th!

Teri said...

oh I was getting just so irritated just reading it! ugh! they should come finish it for free! that is crazy. at least you can think on the bright side of things, baby... temple. amazing. oh and Jan 20th is carters birthday! fun!

Shel said...

I AM SOOO MAD AT THEM FOR YOU CHRISTINE!! You need to call HD headquarters...go above this store! That is too much money and time to leave like this, they better get their bottoms back there or I will go chew them out for you!!! GRRRRR! Vent finished. I am soooooooooooo excited to be with you guys tomorrow!!!! Your BEST DAY EVER is almost here!!! And I loved the baby news...makes me soo teary and happy for you!