Monday, June 9, 2008

Camping.......oh it was camping all right

So since January or February Amie, Toni and myself had planned this camping excursion. Yep that's right Amie-just-pull-off-the-side-of-the-road-and-pitch-a-tent talked me into the terrifying idea of sleeping with bugs and peeing in the woods/cactus. And my girl Toni was right there to bribe me with tantalizing recipes and the prospect of cooler temperatures. So I gave in and my husband was so excited. Then I had to go and create a miracle, a medical marvel as this little baby has been called. And when asking if I could forgo some of my medically necessary items I was told absolutely not as it could raise my blood pressure and it wasn't worth the risk. So we all packed it in and camped luxury style at casa de Lowry.

I must saw it was very relaxing. I was super early along so hardly anyone knew about the baby therefore being around a bunch of people who did know gave me an opportunity to gush and swoon about the little miracle.

We had a great time, scrapping, watching movies, gabbing about babies, cooking for each other, playing at the lake, talking about the impending Temple trip and just bonding with my bestest buds. It really was a fun weekend. So enjoy a few photos from the weekend I made possible =)

Can you see the face?

great times, awesome friends, and a comfy bed = a wonderful weekend! And yes Amie I will gladly camp with a newborn =) but given the fact I'm due in January lets say May after the high country is not still frozen in snow.


Amie said...

I love the pics! Especially the ones of my kids! And dang, I look like I have wicked big boobs in that first picture. YES!

Teri said...

looks like fun! love the pics on heathers blog, so sweet! congrats!!

Toni said...

Great pictures! I love the ones of Brent carrying Ethan over his shoulder. Too cute!