Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're back.

The wedding was beautiful! We had such an amazing time with all our friends from high school. It was surreal to see everyone in this transition stage of life. Especially because Andrew and Christina are only the 2nd in our group of friends to be married. Yep that means it's been just DJ and me as the old married folks for 6 years and boy are we glad to have some company in the group :-) We both had a good laugh while we were packing to go home. DJ told me that he felt like the old married couple for the first time and (while looking very deep in thought) informed me that he was ok with having that married feeling. To which I informed him that he had better be ok because I'm not even thinking about training another husband anytime soon, he's got me down pat. Well here's to married life with all it's fun and struggle I'd not have it any other way. We wish Andrew and Christina all the joys of sharing your life with one another.

P.S. I will post some more photos from the wedding when I get their album done :-)