Monday, April 9, 2007

10 random oddities

A good friend of mine challenged me to come up with 10 random oddities about myself and post them, so here they are! Thanks meggers this was fun :-)

1. I can’t sit through a movie at home without doing something else at the same time. I get seriously antsy and will pull out my laptop, some paper crafts or a magazine. This drives my husband crazy because it appears that I’m not watching the TV until he goes to change the channel and I inform him hey I was watching that from behind my current project.

2. I can’t, and I mean can’t stand people talking while in the movie theater. I can have a roomful of people talking while I’m watching a movie at home, but get me into a movie theater and I get very irritated by the person having a conversation during the movie. And for the love of all things holy don’t answer your phone in the same theater as me……..

3. I have been falling asleep with a TV on for 6 years now and have become so use to the noise that if the TV goes off while I’m asleep I will wake up.

4. I am a full fledged 100% addicted World of Warcraft player, but keep that fact a secret. Hehehehe I love to play that game!

5. I can’t sleep if the sheets are tucked into the bottom of the bed. I will get out of bed and pull them out, however, I can’t sleep if my feet are uncovered.

6. I love warthogs and every time I go to the world wildlife zoo by the house I have to sing the are you achin’ for some bacon song from The Lion King. I can’t leave the park without seeing them.

7. I’m entirely terrified of bees, wasps, hornets etc….. I have made my husband pull the car over on the freeway when a bee flew into the car and refused to get back in until he proved to me the bee was dead and gone. The sight of one in my house has reduced me to tears on more then one occasion.

8. I have a addiction to I can’t start my day without going to the website and seeing what’s going on in the world of celebrities.

9. At the age of 27 I still believe there could be something under my bed and will not dangle my feet off the edge.

10. If a man cries in my presence I will automatically cry regardless of the topic at hand.