Friday, January 23, 2009

Made me laugh right out loud.

First let me say I had a great birthday! I think people thought I was upset yesterday that my day wasn't the way I wanted it, when in fact I was absolutely content snuggled into my bed with my son asleep in my arms for most of the day. I got flowers (my most favorite treat in the whole world) from my parents and my best friend in CA, who I also got to talk to on the phone for a few minutes. Amie brought over some yummy cupcakes! DJ brought home Pei Wei and we spent the night snuggled in bed just the three of us watching some mindless TV, it was absolutely perfect.

Now to share with you all the funny that made me laugh right out loud. My friend had given me a copy of Paul Reiser's (the actor who played the husband on Mad About You) book on becoming a parent Babyhood. We had both loved his book Couplehood when we were planning our weddings so she had thought I would enjoy his antics on becoming a parent when she had found out that she was pregnant. I had read the book back then but not really enjoyed it as I was just starting to deal with the infertility issues that would plague my next 6 years. However once I found out that I pregnant I picked it up again and had some good laughs. I thought I'd share one excerpt that made DJ and I laugh out loud for a good couple minutes.

Warning - there is candid discussion of an adult matter in the following excerpt, read at your own discretion.

Given how much more naturally compent my wife is at almost all areas of parenting, if I do discover an area where I may have a leg up, I jump on it. I pounce on it like a lion on meat.
One day I walked by to see my wife changing our son's diaper, and I witnessed what, for my money, was a rather perfunctory once around of the boy's young privates. I said, "Babe, what are you doing?"
She was thrown.
I stepped in with unwavering authority.
"That is not how we wash balls."

"Is that right?"
"That's right."
"Sweetie, I've been changing diapers pretty consistently for a while now, and..."
"Maybe. But let me ask you something."
"D'ya have balls yourself?"
"No, but..."
"All right, then."
"So what? That doesn't mean that - "
"Well, I think I know a lit-tle bit more about the subject than you do. So ... do you mind?"

And as she stepped away, I took over.
"Thank You."
When she was out of the room, I looked down at my son, who I'm pretty sure was smiling appreciatively, and I winked at him. It was the first time I'm aware of having a specifically male bonding moment with my son. (And certainly the first time I ever winked at anybody.)
"Don't worry, Daddy's here. Daddy knows what you need ..."

We had read this just after finding out that we were having a boy. DJ giggled several times that night and declared that he would change the first diaper so he could show me how to take care of the little man. And he kept his word, DJ did in fact change the first 5 diapers and Caden did in fact pee all over him, hahaha. Don't worry he got me too, we were both initiated before ever leaving the hospital.


Jaime said...

oooooh...I am sooo very scared! That was a great story, thanks for sharing or should I say scaring!

Amie said...

I LOVE those books! They're hilarious. ;)

(just put a lil burp rag or diaper over him when you change him, prevents any accidents before you get quick enough!)

Casey Lu said...

That was funny, thanks for sharing! Yeah, boys are pretty well known for doing that, can't tell you how many times Donovan got me when he was a baby! Caden is so darling!!!!! :)

Christine #2 said...

I love those books too! I used to pull a wipe out of the box and throw it on Joey. I didn't want to risk it.

wittygal said...

Happy Birthday, your day seemed absolutely new mommyish. I love the new mommy staying in bed phase. That was such a funny passage from your book, made me laugh out loud.

szarek_copp_turino said...

That is incredibly funny! You have some amazing pics of Caden. I love the one with DJ feeding him. Dads + babies= an adorable pair! Glad to hear your birthday was good; I look forward to seeing you soon. :)

Jenna said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday, and I hope the baby is feeling better!