Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I owe, I owe so off to..............

work I go. Yes daily I spend hours upon hours sitting here at my desk, which is where I check most of my blogs daily while on breaks or my lunch. So I thought it was only fitting to share with ya'll where I spend most of my day and the few faces I love to see at work. So here we go.
This is is my life; files, files, files. I spend 8 hours a day looking for, editing, updating & processing legal files. Each of these files contains the police report, victim information, case notes, criminal history and discovery for the case. These bad boys are on most days the bane of my existence.
Here's Tiffany, she's a sweetie with a wicked sense of humor. She's also one of the strongest women I've met; single mom to a totally awesome 4 year old (you've seen them on my photoblog) and she is graduating soon with two degrees! She's also one of the most level headed person I've ever met!
This is my boss' office. Believe it or not this is tidy and only about 3 days worth of work is really represented here!
Ok now here's my little land. This is my happy faced guy who makes me smile when the crazy mean people at my job make me mad.

On Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday when I look to my left I see Stacy. She rocks! Stacy is 24 and a powerhouse for sure. She is graduating in May with her Masters in Criminal Justice. Stacy is a Victim's Advocate and she does such a great job with the people. She worked at the County for quite a while too so she really knows her stuff. Stacy is also crafty and a scrapbooker! We get a long so well
And this is my little world.

To the left, yes all that paper is mine. Yikes!

Here's more of my files!

And here is my girl Nichole. She is the nicest person on the block. Nichole works circles around everyone in the office. She's always early and works 8 solid hours, no excuses! She has a 12 year old and a 10 month old that are so beautiful, I get to photograph them next month! Oh and her hubby was just recently laid off and needs a job if any of you know of any jobs out there he has years of management experience and works as hard as his wife.
Thanks for joining me on my little tour of my work. Now in honor of this being my blogoversary share with me in the comment section your favorite job ever and why and you'll be entered in a happy little blog candy drawing. You have until Thursday midnight to enter (PST) and the winner (by random drawing) will be announced On Saturday - Good Luck!


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Pretty cool office. Glad you are surrounded by some nice ladies!

My favorite was the job I just got laid off of in July, NHW. I got to work with some really nice photographers who took pictures of new build homes and I processed their images on our database. I had a lot of fun working there, going to lunch a lot at Jamba Juice and hanging out with good friends while at work, listening to music, laughing so hard to my bosses jokes and pranks (he was a prankster). I for once LOVED my job and that is why it has to be my favorite.
You never said what is one of our favorite jobs?

Jaime said...

I have to say the coolest job I ever had is the one I have now....Being a Mommy!! I'm so greatful for the time I have to spend with them. It's is crazy that they will all be in school this fall!!

Amie said...

Happy blogoversary lady!! Hmm, favorite job...I don't really have one. I liked interpreting but I didn't like who I worked it. I was a pretty good secretary when I worked at the capitol, but I hated the distance. Daycare provides a love/hate relationship. I guess it's my fave though cuz I'm home and happy and with my chitlins. =) Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary! I still read your blog all the time to see what you and Derek are up to, and enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas and activities!
My favorite job was at Henry's. It was a love/hate thing, though, because sometimes I wanted to write my resignation on a piece of receipt paper when I was chained to a register for 10 hours. Other times I loved working with my best friends, and never felt as comfortable at a job before, or since.
Take care!

Anonymous said...
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LIZZEE said...

I guess working with hubby although it's a love/hate with the customer we soemtiems have to deal with. I would love to do Medical billing that's my dream job but sometime down the line I suppose. great pics and it's always fun to have great co workers in a drama free zone makes work so much more pleasant

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!
Just want to say I love your work desk!

The organization is beautiful!

Much love,