Monday, June 4, 2007

What a weekend

So as you can see in the photo Dj took the plunge this past weekend and was Baptized. This whole experience has been such a whirlwind experience. I'm almost having trouble putting everything into words here. The previous Sunday at church he just leaned over to me and told me that he was ready and wanted to join the Church, but it was our wedding anniversary the following weekend and he wanted to know if it would be ok if he was baptized on that day. I of course said yes! He has come so far and I am so proud of the man he has become in the past few years. DJ has struggled his whole adult life with knowing who he was and who he wanted to be in this world. He has struggled with his family to have strong meaningful relationships where he felt truly accepted for who he really was inside. When I went back to church and decided to be baptized and fully take on the life I wanted regardless of what others thought he was hesitant to join me in the journey. When we got into our house there were a number of trials that graced our path which really tried us as a couple and then again as individuals. I turned to my faith and openly prayed and asked for help then let it all go to the Lord and followed the promptings of the spirit as they came to me. I know all of those trials had been put in our path so DJ could have a better understanding of faith and my beliefs because up until that point he had not really understood what I had tried to explain to him. So long story short (mainly because I am still having rouble putting all the words together because the whole experience has been so emotional) he decided to take the discussions and has progressed, changed, grown and came to the decision to be baptized. He is so happy . I have not seen him this happy in years. We were talking this past weekend and he told me that he was sad to see some of our long time friends make the decision to walk away from us because we choose to have religion in our lives when we never walked away or judged any of them for their life choices, but he had made the decision to not apologise for his life and his beliefs no matter what. I was so proud of him to hear those words because DJ never would have said that in the past, he would have tried to be whatever the person he was talking to wanted him to be. So we found ourselves in Church on Saturday surrounded by the most amazing group of friends and had so much love we just felt so blessed . DJ and I have, our entire married life, longed for true friends who really loved us. We have found a small handful of really genuine people who we know loved us and we loved them, but we never had that community of supportive friends who just wanted to know us for us with out motivation. That long time desire and prayer has been answered with the amazing people is our lives now .Here are all the missionaries present who had taught DJ in his journey. The baptism was amazing and very full of missionaries. We were 4 missionaries short of the entire zone! So amazing to see all these young men and women so dedicated and full of love.
Sunday after all was said and done we came home and crashed out to just relax. Such an amazing time. So much love. So much fun. Just so much everything!


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I love going to baptisms! DJ's was so wonderful! And I really appreciated the opportunity to share my testimony. I don't do that enough... or at all. It was wonderful! What a great idea! How on earth did they have time to scrapbook while on their missions? I'd like to see that someday if you don't mind! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Seriously, I'm a magnet for poor service. It's ridiculous how many stories I have!