Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mixed emotions

So this past weekend has been so jam packed with activities and emotions I was quite literally worn out by Sunday night I just didn’t have the energy to write all I wanted to down here.
Ok this past week’s main focus was preparing for our Friday night tradition and then my friend Christy’s big event on Saturday. We have a tradition now where twice monthly a group of us make the trek out to Mesa for a wonderful night of Temple work. Our usual group of 3 expanded to 7 this week and we had such a good time. I always feel so peaceful when I come out, I just love how the whole week’s stress can melt right off of me. It’s so true that when you are helping/serving others you just lose all of your own issues. I promise you that next time you have a big problem try helping someone else and you will not only feel better you might just find the resolution you are looking for.
Then after we were all done we went to my current favorite food in the world, Café Rio. Oh my so yummy. I’m so addicted to the pork barbacoa that I can actually taste it while ordering my burrito. Oh and the green sauce………………………all I can say is heavenly. I can’t even begin to say how yummy it all is, then we get to the desserts. Ok the tres leche cake is just to die for, so creamy and sweet and dense and yummy. Then I tried the key lime pie and holy cow so creamy and tart and cool and yummy. Next time I’m in trouble because I won’t know what to order. I truly think we should all get together and buy part of the franchise and open one out in the west valley near the new movie theater being built on Litchfield and Waddell. We would make a killing! But it wasn’t just the food the conversation was great too. Pat and Allison Delmoe joined us as well as Hailey Ward and her beau Brent. We had such a good time getting to know each other better and must have sat and talked to each other for a good hour over our food. Such a great Friday night!
After dropping everyone off at home Christy and I were still awake and it was only 11:30pm and she had wanted to go look for a new outfit for her big day on Saturday, so we decided to head over to our local friendly 24 hour walmart. We had so much fun wandering around the store looking at goofy shoes and trying them on, then Miss Christy goes dancing down the aisle wearing some high heals and I almost lost it laughing. We had a great time and didn’t end the night until close to 1am. So much fun, I just love how Christy can get me to laugh and how she has the best most positive attitude. She let me come over on Saturday and do her hair for her, so touched that I got to be a part of her day even though I couldn’t actually go with her.
We met up again on Saturday night and she looked like she was glowing, so at peace and all together a different person. I was so happy for her. We took a dip in the pool then went to Cold Stone with DJ and met up with Sher and Taylor Murphy. Oh my, such good times! They are such a great couple and I just love to talk with her. We heard their whole story about meeting and getting married; I just love how they are so different but fit together so well. We closed that joint down and finally headed out around 11pm.
I was so tired by the time I got home, but I felt so happy to have had such great friends around.
Then Sunday we got up extra early to so to church with my mother to support my old Bishop who was going to be released that day. He and his family were moving to El Paso TX this week so he can move up in his job. I learned so much from that wonderful man and his family I can’t even express how much he means to us. I have been in the presence of people with solid testimonies but none can compare to the power of Dave Snyder. I can’t even put into words my feelings on the matter because they wouldn’t do any justice. We love them all so much and will miss going to their house to work on greeting cards with Annette and hanging out soaking up the Sprit there, ah good memories. Finally we went to dinner at a dear friend’s house and had such a good time. We had our first true family home evening and I just love how much fun we had. Tracy went through the structure of it all and we learned how to put on our own FHE for the future. I’m so excited to be able to start having our own in our own house. I just can’t wait to mix some kids in there later, gonna be great! Isn’t it just such a great idea to have one night a week to put the craziness of the world aside and declare some family time. No phones, or TV or anything else, just your family talking and enjoying each other.
So it was an absolutely great weekend, wore me plain out but I loved every minute of it even having to say good bye to our dear friends because I know that they are going to be blessed in this move. But, boy I could have used a day to recover and sleep in. Oh well there is always next weekend right?