Monday, June 4, 2007

Meet my Girls

I am currently taking applications for these two amazing women. This is Liz. She is super sweet and has a completely addictive laugh. Liz iz a return missionary with a deep testimony of the Gospel she would love to share with any and all who would listen. She loves to travel and can make anyone laugh if given the chance. She loves to kick back and relax or roll up her sleeves and get dirty. After returning home she will go to Alaska and help her sister with her new business for the summer. Then she will come home to Idaho for a few weeks before shipping off to Utah State to get her 4 year degree in nursing with a minor in Spanish. Anyone would be blessed to have a bit of Liz in her life.

Ok now we have Luke. She is the most amazing person to have around you if you need a good laugh. Luke stories always end in a great belly laugh. She was my baptismal gift and I am so thankful for her in my life. Luke has a laugh that will linger in the air long after she has finished the story. She loves babies and has an uncanny ability to clam a screaming baby with just her touch. She has overcome some amazing feats in her days and will make the most amazing wife to the luck guy who wins her heart. Her testimony is so sincere and since her return from her mission she has continued to serve daily within her own community.

Oh how I love my girls and just couldn't imagine life without their wonderful spirits in my world.