Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Just got done with my job interview for the City of Surprise. 150 people applied for the job, they interviewed 24, then narrow it down to 8, which will be called for a final interview on Tuesday. Yikes! Looks like I have lots of competition for the position and many who are looking at taking a step down to just get rid of their commute like me. So I was slightly humbled today at the numbers and I have taken stock not to let myself get so caught up in the fact that I have a degree. Whew, glad that part is over though. Thought that I would post some photos from my last photo shoot. The lighting is off but the only time they could get everyone in the same place was mid morning so we worked with it. It was lots of fun, but I really want to re-shoot the parents alone to get some good ones of them all relaxed and in love.
I'd like you all to meet some of my favorite people on the planet! These are the Flemmings, all 8 of them. I just adore this family and all the fun they have together. Genna has such a wonderful way about her and she has been so kind to me. She shows up with fresh baked bread and always has a smile on her face. I love her laugh too, it's just so warm. She is the easiest person to talk to and her kids are so lucky to have such a wonderfully patient mother. She is just in her element with these kids. Her hubby Kelly is the most awesome guy too. He has been a huge factor in both my husband's and my life over the past 2 years. He is so gentle and just loves his family so much. Their house is so full of the Spirit you can't help but feel all warm when you leave. So here's to the Flemings and all 80 little piggies going to that market. Hehehe.