Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally an update

The babe is getting to be quite the little man. He's three months old and his personality is really coming out lately. He's not one to wait for anything. Patience is not his strongest point, hmmmm wonder where he got that lovely trait? Sorry Caden, it's a curse.
These photos are not in any real order except that they are all taken between 9 and 12 weeks. Above was a Saturday afternoon that he was just giving us all sorts of new faces after his nap. Too cute!
He's been smiling since he was 6 weeks old but we could not get a good photo of it because any time he saw a camera he would turn very serious and just stare at it until I put the camera away. Finally I got some side shots before he caught on, lol.

For his first St. Patrick's Day I gave in and got him some cute outfits. Being that he's Irish and all we had to document the day. The one above says "I'm a McCutie" hehehe, I love it!

And how could you not want to kiss that face?

Another after the nap moment, so sweet.

And speaking of naps, he finally went down for one in his crib! It wasn't for very long, but he did it. He still has not napped as long for me as he does for Amie or my mom, but he's getting better. And no he's not sleeping in his crib at night yet. I'm still not doing well with him being all the way on the other side of the house especially with the break ins that have been happening around lately.
His moods have been very present this last month, as documented with the next three photos. These were taken over the course of about 15 seconds, no joke. Happy Baby.

Serious Baby.

Holy Cow I'm Ticked Baby.

He was blessed in late February. It was a great day!

We went and hung out in the grass for the first time. He loved it to our surprise.

He kept moving his feet all around in the grass and his eyes would get really big.

Same day as the grass, just too cute not to share.

More smiles!

We went to the zoo with some friends. It was a fantastical day and we totally can't wait to do it again. Caden had a blast looking at everything, took a nap in his stroller and ate a bottle in front of the Monkey cage. Good times.

He really liked the aquarium.

Dad had fun showing him all the cool underwater things that lurk in the ocean. I believe he was also trying to impart his fear of water where you can't see the bottom as well.

But Caden still totally loves his bath time, so no harm done!

Such a happy guy. Well hopefully I can post more this next few weeks. That is if I stay out of the hospital! I have had a 3 day stay, 3 ER visits, 2 MRI's, 1 CAT scan, 4 X-Rays, 6 I.V.'s, 2 allergic reactions and 9 new prescriptions in the last 4 weeks. I'm hoping it's all done for a while cause at over a grand in bills I can't take this any more! Have a good week.


Heather S :o) said...

He is so dang cute! His smile is adorable!!!

Teri said...

I love the first pic he is adorable!! glad your out of the hospital and I'm sure he is too!!

Jenna said...

Awesome pictures, I especially love the ones in the grass! I'm so glad he is yours!

Christine #2 said...

Love our Baby Caden!!!!

szarek_copp_turino said...

Um, hello; I love it! He is just the cutest little thing and I'm glad to see pics without monitors attached to his precious little self. Can't wait to do lunch with him again soon! :)

Amie said...

lovin' your update and photos!

heather said...

he couldn't be more precious.

Sher said...

he's so adorable, he just gets cuter & cuter! (p.s. Wed should work for me, just let me know the time)

wittygal said...

What great pictures! This was a totally fun update and a great look inside your "SUPER AWESOME" family.

hh said...

How much cuter can a baby get then yours. He's adorable.He makes me proud to say that he was my brother in heaven ha ha.