Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trip to Tucson

We had a rare occurrence in our family a couple of weekends ago. DJ came home and informed me that he had Saturday, Sunday & Monday off from work. I know, I know we both were in disbelief too. So we immediately picked up the phone and called our good friends down in Tucson, Jen and Pat. We told them the good news and planned a quick trip down Friday and back Saturday to celebrate my B'day and their 1 year wedding anniversary. DJ and I were so excited to see them as we miss them terribly since they moved down south about 9 months ago. So Friday night I loaded up the car with all our bags and the dog and we were ready to hit the road when DJ got off work.This was our first road trip with Roxi, and she did great. We made pretty good time getting to Tucson around 12:15am. So since everyone was awake and raring to go we decided it would be a good time to introduce DJ and I to Guitar Hero. Here is our friend Jen playing the bass, and doing a smash up job might I say. Oh my golly gee williakers is that game fun or what! We both quickly became enamored with the game and DJ full out let himself go with the moment getting in touch with his inner rock-star.
The next day we were treated by Pat to a wonderful field trip to the Pima air museum. It was so cool to see all the planes so large and in real life. First we went through the Boneyard, which is one of the largest storage yards for active planes in country. There were planes as far as the eye could see. Inside we got to see planes from all eras.

Here are the boys looking and admiring one of the WWI planes and that my friends in the background, why that is a real life SR-71 blackbird - only the coolest plan in existence!
Here's a view of it from the front in this photo.
This is a guppy. It is used to carry the boosters for the space shuttles. The front area where you would usually see a pilot actually opens up and that's where the boosters come out.Here is the actual Air Force One that flew JFK while he was President. We got to walk on and look at the accommodations the President once enjoyed. Let me tell you all, we have come a long way for sure. That plane was so small it was amazing to think that was considered a luxury accommodation.
The Presidential seal, so cool!!!!!
Later we ran off to see Cloverfield. I liked it for what it was, a scary monster movie. Believe me this is not winning any awards, but I liked it for the same reason I like Lost (JJ Abrams directs both the movie and Lost) you can either sit and analyze the plot and possibilities to death or you can just enjoy the ride. I'm not sure I can watch it again though because it is very intense. That night we watched Stardust. Ohhhhh soooooo goooood. I just loved this movie and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy movie. I can't say too much without giving away stuff so I'll just say that it's worth giving it a shot. Ok, now for a laugh. My friend Jen's dog Panda is the sweetest little thing with the biggest under bite ever. He looks like this all the time and I laugh each and every time I look at him, so I had to share his cute little face with ya'll. We ended up staying longer down south then we had planned because Pat the Awesome fixed my laptop by completely wiping everything and re-installing Windows and everything on it for me. So in the morning we got up and enjoyed a little breakfast and the boys both hopped on the computers and played WOW for a while.
DJ was a little scraggly by then, lol.
Then we hopped back into the car and chugged back up to Phoenix. Roxi loved the ride in the day light she could look out the window at all the lovely scenery going by. I took this of her in the passenger vanity mirror. She's such a cutie.


Meg Meggie Meggers? said...

okay...if i ever get around to buying my own Guitar Hero...i'm making a special trip down to visit you guys and we're gonna play the heck out of that game together.

the picture of DJ? yeah...that was totally me, when i played with my sister and BiL.

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Want to know something funny? I have lived here my entire life and I have never been out of the West Side of Phx other than to Flagstaff, Lake Havasu City, and Prescott. Glad your laptop is fixed and I totally LOVE the TINK on the front of it!!!!!

Amie said...

I love that first picture of DJ! I'm so glad you were able to go and have a nice 3 day weekend! =)

Jaime said...

I'm so glad your posting again, I've missed you! All of your LO's are great, I love the pic of Roxy in the mirror!