Friday, October 17, 2008

8 Things
I was tagged by Toni so here it goes:

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
- Survivor
-The Office
-So You Think You Can Dance
-Law and Order
-Pushing Daisies
-Amazing Race

8 Favorite Restaurants:
-Cafe Rio
-Arriba Mexican Grill
-Pete's Fish and Chips
-Taste of India

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
-Went to DJ's graduation from his security academy
-Got to work at 6am
-Went to lunch with my hubby
-Was treated to a pumpkin spice creame frappachino - yummmmmmmmy
-talked with my good friend Casey Lu
-went grocery shopping with my mom
-watched Survivor
- cuddled in bed and felt the baby move

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
- Caden's arrival
- My baby Shower
- Going to the Temple with my hubby tomorrow
- Thanksgiving
- Family get togethers
- The smells of Christmas
- Holiday baking
- The New Year

8 Things On My WishList:
-For DJ to get full time status and benefits
-Being debt free
-An honest to goodness date with my hubby - it's been 2 years!
-Trip to Disneyland - it's been 2 years!
-Paint and decorate the nursery
-Being perfectly happy
-a wii
-A free weekend


Teri said...

I'll help you paint! I love to apint :) lets get that baby's room ready!

Casey Lu said...

Just let me know when the painting will happen and you know I am there! Glad you and DJ are going to the Temple today, what a great way to spend a Saturday!!! I can't wait for next weekend! When is the next crop? I am willing to host one! Hope your having a great weekend and have a good week at work! Congrats to DJ on his graduation!!!

Shawn H. said...

Congratulations, DJ! You'll be a full-timer with benefits very shortly. The County takes a while, but it will happen.

cmecham2000 said...

So TURKEY here reporting! GREAT EIGHT! Sorry, I hate to paint and I am very bad at it. But I do love to decorate so count me in for that. My favorite on your 8 list was feeling that baby move, SWEET.