Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I'm sitting at my desk at 4:30pm today winding down my day. I had just completed processing some arrest warrants when I heard a loud group of footsteps rounding the corner accompanied by the familiar crackle of a shoulder mounted police radio blaring out dispatch orders for "Court Room 2, repeat Court Room 2". Well I make eye contact with 5 of Surprise's finest as they run past me towards the courts. Turns out there was a defendant that had made a comment to one of the Courts clerks that he had a gun and planned on shooting the Judge. Yikes! They had him in handcuffs and back through our office to get to the PD in about 5 minutes flat! We had just been talking today too about how we hoped our guards did their job right cause our window wasn't bullet proof and we were for sure the ones who ticked off the most people. So needless to say it was a bit of an exciting afternoon - and you all know that I loved every minutes of the action.

By the way - does anyone know how to fix the spell check on blogger? Mine won't work?


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Ooooh that sounded like some really interesting action! I like that kind of stuff too as long as it isn't directed at me! So glad I joined your ranks reading the Twilight series! I am fighting to read the set a second time. I can't wait to get Breaking Dawn, I am considering pre-ordering it off SM's site. I love Edward in it but also like Jacob. It is tough because they both have their endearing qualities that are good for Bella.
Sorry I don't know how to work the blogger spell check. I usually just whip up the dictionary and use that. Hope your having a great week!!!!

Jaime said...

Wow, what an exciting day!! I have not been ignoring your tag, I've been down with the flu for 2 days now.I promise I;ll get to it tomorrow.
Sorry, I've no idea about the spell check thing??

Amie said...

Holy toledo what an exciting day!! Any chance of getting bullet-proof glass any time soon? And you thought you'd have to give up the drama by going from Fed to State! I've heard that universally, Blogger's spellcheck is having problems. You're not the first one. Then again...mine is working, so I can't help ya.

Christine said...

Wow, crazy day! Craziest thing we had happen was the helicopter crash right out front of our building in the park. My spellcheck's not working either, I've been going commando, so I've been spelling everything wrong. I can't believe I rely so much on that thing!

Jesika said...

Hello!! That's what I call an adrenalin rush!! Woohoo!!