Thursday, February 7, 2008

A little Sista Love

I just had to make a quick post about tonight's amazing enrichment activity at my ward. We all came together with a bag that contained 3 things which described ourselves. We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves by sharing what we brought. Then we went around the room and said something we loved about the woman to our left. It really brought the most wonderful spirit into the room and everyone was feeling the love. Then the amazing and talented Amie and Christie sang my most favorite song from Wicked. Oh it was so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes -the music, the words, the voices - all just so beautiful.

Then came my favorite part of the night. We all made a little plate of yummy goodness (in case you don't know yet us Mormons can do yummy goodness with our hands tied behind our backs) and the chit-chatting began. I looked around the room and saw sisters all talking and laughing. I saw them moving from group to group sitting on the floor, standing together, moving the chairs to see each other. I was overcome with the love in the room and it warmed my soul to see the sisters all mixed and matched sharing and talking, to hear the song of laughter in the room was just amazing. I just left feeling so happy to have this amazing group of women in my life and honored to call them friends.

So thank you Christie for your dedication to you calling and the love you share so freely with us. Thank you Amie for all the practice you put into that beautiful song, it was amazing as always. And thank you to all the truly wonderful sisters I am so blessed to call my friends.


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Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Of course you can case the layout. Glad you had some sisterly fun! I need to do a little more of that. Do you have any open dates next month for a photo session or two? My anniversary is next month and I would love to give him something special as well as a family photo. So let me know. :) Hope your having a great week!!! We all here are sick except for my hubby.

The Gardner Fam! said...

Dang!! I'm so sad I missed it! I got home at 7:25pm and was remembered it started at 6:30pm!! Sounds like it was a fabulous time! :o)

Meg Meggie Meggers? said...

what's your favorite song from Wicked?