Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homemade Pop Tarts

I have never been a lover of Pop Tarts, but my hubby can devour a box in two days if not monitored. So I was super excited to see these bad boys on one of my favorite food blogs today! I have a ton of homemade jams and a jar of nutella. So I'm excited to try these this weekend. I'll report back next weekend with the results :) If any of you out there try these I'd love if you'd share your results!


Amie said...

As you can imagine, since the review, we've been eating lots of lots of poptarts. Breakfast, snack, dinner tonight (it's a long story) and even as FHE treats in a pinch. Kids are addicted and will be so glad when they're all gone. Which is soon. But hmm....maybe I can make some... Good luck!

Casey Lu said...

These look really good. How did yours turn out? Are you available to get together Friday night?

Sher said...

how fun! I only like the Nature's Path brand in the health food section. But making your own sounds yummy! me want recipe!