Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 12 of 12 - Obsession Addition

I thought that this month I would do our 12 of 12 on our current obsessions. So I documented the things or places that we just can't get enough of lately :)

I am a huge scent person. I love to smell yummy things and once hooked I usually can't ever find the item again or the product is discontinued. So when I first sniffed this Bath and Body Works hand soap Nectarine Mint I was addicted immediately. I bought 10 bottles! I totally smell my hands after each time I wash them :)

Caden is completely obsessed with crawling through and under things so our friend Lisa gave whim this tube to crawl in and he is hooked. Thank goodness cause it's so much better for mommy then crawling under tables and in cupboards

Brownies - nuf said :)

Caden and I go to the local library every Thursday morning and meet some friends for the free story time hour, some library goodies and some park time (love you ladies!) I have become obsessed with trying new recipes since I'm home now and we are on a really fixed income, so I have been checking out cookbooks. I have had so much fun looking through  them and have found some great recipes. They also have a fantastic kids cookbook section. I checked this one out and had so much fun looking at all the recipes that are made right from Dr. Seuss books.

We are also obsessed in this house with free movies! We check out 10 a week and have a blast watching them together almost every night. I get Caden a ton of kids shows too. Oh and they have tv series too, free, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrapping - I'm obsessed with this hobby every month of the year. It totally relaxes me and usually involves some fantastic girlfriends :) I had just finished this layout. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I am a cinnamon fanatic. We found these bad boys on a trip to Utah last year and I bought 4 boxes. I horded them and hardly shared more than 5 candies. On our shopping trip that morning I saw them at Fry's. I think I actually squealed, lol.

As I said earlier I'm a huge scent person. So it makes perfect sense that I adore Scentsy products. I have hosted one party and been to two others in the last month and I know own 15 different scents. I have 4 warmers and a totally would burn  a different scent in each one if we had a bigger house. I was totally addicted to the Poinsettia Pine this day. Currently I'm hooked on Coconut Lemongrass - yummy!!!!!!

Ok way back in the day (which was a Wednesday if you're curious) in high school times DJ worked at a Sonic. I got hooked on the cherry limeade drinks and would have one at least 3-4 times a week. About a month ago I found out from a friend that Walmart sold a cherry limeade sugar free drink mix. I ran out grabbed some and a Sprite Zero, went home dumped a  tub of the mix into the 2 liter and served over ice. Totally obsessed, and now always have one in the fridge :)

I love to bake and cook. I can get easily obsessed with a recipe and work to get it perfect. This usually drives my family nuts cause they have to ea it over and over again. This month my family did not complain as I attempted to perfect cake doughnuts. 3 batches and I think I got it right. Warm homemade doughnuts = good nights!

We go to the duck pound several times a week and walk around in the beautiful weather before it gets to hot here is a few weeks. Caden will sit and talk to the ducks for hours if I let him. We sing the quack quack waddle waddle song and feed then bread. It's a great time.

Ok here is my self portrait for the obsession edition. My husband has always been a huge gamer (within reason - he has never missed a family event to play or anything like that) and I decided that I would learn about his game so we could share some time together do things he likes too. And in fairness he did try to scrap with me one night - turns out I don't share my toys well. So I learned about the game, and then found that I had lots of fun and found myself playing occasionally without DJ. Over the last 4 years I have become totally enamored with the intricacies of the game and adore the joy it brings to DJ that I share the time with him.


Amie said...

so fun! great set of 12!

Christine #2 said...

I totally missed this's awesome! BTW, I did know that it was a Wednesday...I love our Thursdays too.

heather said...

fun post.

Sher said...

we love the park too! hit me up next time your headin' there! ;)